Tarrant on Tour – Parts 1-6

So one of the Chiltern Church Runners is going on Tour, big time, and you can follow his adventures here – so here is part 1;

Photo of me running at Bishan parkrun, Singapore. Lesley and I took a taxi to make sure we got there. Nice core team and Volunteers. Slow time as has had to stop as so hot. It was a bit hazy due to Indonesia burning to make way for palm trees. Haze due to the wind direction it also closed the two in KL, so some tourist who had gone there came down and ran East Coast, as the haze was less down here.


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Roundshaw Inter-Church Mob Match (Jul 2019)

Thank you all so much for coming, 41 ran for Chiltern, 19 for Good Shepherd, 1 for Tandridge Deanery, 10 for Holy Trinity Church Wallington, 7 for the Salvation Army, 1 for Emmanuel, 8 for St Patrick’s Tigers, 1 for Christ Church Purley, 8 for Croydon Vineyard, 1 for Springfield, 1 for All Saints West Ewell, 1 for Christian Runners UK, 2 for Grace Church Dulwich and 5 for Selsdon Baptist – 106 runners in total!


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Lloyd Inter-Church Mob Match (May 2019)

Thank you all so much for coming, 17 ran for Chiltern, 9 for Good Shepherd, 8 for St Patrick’s, 6 for Holy Trinity Church Wallington, 11 for Emmanuel, 9 for Croydon Vineyard, 6 for New Life Christian Centre, 8 for Grace Church Dulwich, 4 for the Salvation Army, 6 for Tandridge Deanery, 2 for Springfield Springers, 1 for Church of the Holy Family, 1 for Redeemer, 1 for St Thomas Dulwich, and 38 for Selsdon Baptist 127 – runners in total – a massive total.


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Running in Faith – the National Virtual Mob Match 2019

Another January National, and it looks like we got a record turnout– better weather was a help this year.

In total there were 238 runners (68 up on last year), across 89 parkruns (half as many again as last year) running for Christian running groups/churches. Please note some runners are not listed in the individual results due to GDPR issues.

Obviously none of this would be possible without parkrun – so a big thank you to them.

parkruns – where did we run?

Lloyd, Roundshaw Downs, Rushcliffe, Riddlesdown, Banstead Woods, South Norwood, Riddlesdown, St Alban’s, Dulwich, Ally Pally, Nonsuch, Swindon, Horsham, Southwick Country, Melton Mowbray, Hastings, Catton, Stormont, Orangefield, Jersey, Bushy, Walsall Arboretum, Cannon Hill, Princes, Mile End, Wimpole Estate, Cheltenham, Hillsborough, Tonbridge, Harcourt Hill, Conwy, Bromley, Long Eaton, Peterborough, Southport, Wycombe Rye, Forest Rec, Catton, Raphael, Braunstone, Cotsford Fields, Manor Field, Coldham’s Common, Heslington, Catford, Perry Hall, Stevenage, Colney Lane, Brueton, Arrow Valley, Markeaton, York, Finsbury, Southampton, Sheffield Hallam, Belton House, Burnham & Highbridge, Kettering, Chelmesford Central, Fell Foot, Eastbourne, Leamington, Northampton, Fareham, Rother Valley, Cleethorpes, Montrose, Rothwell, Conkers, Pontefract, Eglinton, Wakefield Thornes, Tamar Trails, Woodhouse Moor, Oxford, Tilgate, Upton Court, Newent, Beeston, Tooting Common, Harrow, Richmond, Cannock Chase, Isabel Trail, Poolsbrook, Eastleigh & – Yokine in Australia (well done Rupert of Holy Trinity Wallington) as well as Clermont Waterfront in the USA (thanks Karen for Chiltern Church Runners), Tokoinranta Finland (Salvation Army).

So not just National – but very International this time.

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Nonsuch Inter-Church Mob Match (Oct 2018)

Brilliant to see you all, 23 ran for Chiltern, 18 for Good Shepherd, 2 for Croydon Vineyard, 5 for Sutton Vineyard, 1 for All Saints West Ewell, 6 for Holy Trinity Church Wallington, 18 for St Patrick’s, 2 for Springfield, 2 for the Salvation Army, 4 for Selsdon Baptist, 3 for Tandridge Deanery, 1 for Sutton Christian Centre, & 1 for Cheam Baptist – 86 runners in total, and from 13 different Churches.


We were spread from position 19 to position 674 – we helped push Nonsuch to being 3rd biggest parkrun in the country that week.

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Roundshaw Inter-Church Mob Match (Jul 2018)

Thank you all so much for coming, 43 ran for Chiltern, 7 for Good Shepherd, 2 for Tandridge Deanery, 6 for Holy Trinity Church Wallington, 3 for Emmanuel, 10 for St Patrick’s Tigers, 4 for Christ Church Purley, 9 for Croydon Vineyard, 6 for Springfield, 6 for the Salvation Army, 2 for Sutton Christian Centre and 5 for Selsdon Baptist – 103 runners in total!


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Bushy Inter-Church Mob Match (Mar 2018)

Thank you all so much for coming,  16 ran for Chiltern,  4 for Good Shepherd, 6 for St Patrick’s, 3 for Holy Trinity Church Wallington, 3 for Refresh , 1 for Springfield Springers and 7 for Selsdon Baptist  39 – runners in total.

A return ‘home’ for Nick White of Springfield Springers who has 261 Bushy parkruns now starting there in 2007!

In all 1146  people ran Bushy parkrun that day, and we were spread from position 9 to position 1124!

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