“Birthday Bash” Roundshaw Mob Match (July 2014)

A report by Tim Gray (Chiltern Church Runners)

Thank you all so much for coming, 44 ran for Chiltern, 11 for Good Shepherd, 27 for Holy Trinity Church Wallington, 15 for Emmanuel, 14 for Selsdon Baptist and 6 for Vineyard Sutton – 117 runners in total! Seriously this was a massive, massive, turn out.

For the second mob match in a row we helped smash the events attendance record –  particularly sweet for Roundshaw as it was the parkrun in the UK with the oldest record, dating back to 2011! The old record was 159 – we helped lift it to 201. We spread from position 5, to position 201, and held roughly 55% of the field.

We got credit on facebook/twitter for the dry weather, Mick the event director saying the rain held off because of the church mob match – though the conditions were perhaps rather muggy.


We had a slot in the pre run brief –welcoming everyone and reminding them to check in with Michael Cadman our scorer thanks to him and also to our Pete Merritt our photographer, Hyacinth Nasib on childcare, and Josh Binstead who was doing some videoing – unbeknownst to us Ric Adams was also busy with his video camera as well (see video section www.churchrunner.co.uk). Bonus photos courtesy of Colin Brassington – a very kind parkrun tourist that day.


Scores, after handicap, for those who like such things, as follows;

Chiltern Church Runners (CCR) 1453
Holy Trinity Church Wallington (HTCW) 1296
Emmanuel Church (EC) 742 (excellent junior numbers)
Selsdon Baptist Church (SBC) 584
Good Shepherd (GS) 517
Vineyard Sutton (VS) 386

Individual run times via Roundshaw website, or churchrunner for mob match only.

Very nice to see Vineyard turning out for the first time, we’d love to have you back again.

We initially did not expect Emmanuel, then thought it was one family of four, so to have so many on the day was a delight.

Next Mob match looks to be going virtual! Provisional date September 20th so get that one into your calendar! Just to give you a flavour of what that might mean, I’m including an away section to this report! This will be followed by a more traditional mob match at Nonsuch in November.

Within the churches;
First women (first column) and girls home
  1. Amanda Hardy VS
  2. Karen Barker GS
  3. Yasmin Henlon HTCW
  1. Elaine Jones HTCW
  2. Sophia Lorke EC
  3. Zahari Johnson HTCW

First women home for their teams otherwise were; Lyndsey Phillips (CCR), Patroulla Lorke (EC), and Sarah Wheeler (SBC).

First Girl otherwise; Sophia Lunn (CCR).

First men (first column) and boys home
  1. Mark Holt HTCW
  2. Ashley Pate CCR
  3. Ercole Lugari CCR
  1. Chris Root SBC
  2. Adam Hudson GS
  3. Stef Van Bockstaele CCR

First men home for their teams otherwise were; Jason Hudson (GS), Robert Lines (SBC), Mick Daines (VS), and David Cook (EC)

Also for the boys Thomas Oubridge (EC), and Charlie Tanner (HTCW).


Best performances by age grade were;

Age Men Women
J10 Adam Hudson GS Sophia Lorke EC
J11-14 Chris Root SBC Elaine Jones HTCW
J15-17 Luke Ivens CCR Emily Tanner HTCW
SM18-19 —– Shermane Henlon HTCW
S20-24 Christopher Tanner HTCW Yasmin Henlon HTCW
S25-29 —- Lyndsey Phillips CCR
S30-34 Ashley Pate CCR Kate Edwards CCR
S35-39 Ercole Lugari CCR Lisa Webster GS
V40-44 Jason Hudson GS Patroulla Lorke EC
V45-49 Graham Oglethorpe GS Kerena Ivens CCR
V50-54 Mark Constantinou CCR Karen Barker GS
V55-59 David Root SBC Alison Symonds-Tayler HTCW
V60-64 John Morton CCR Zobida Mohammed CCR
V65-69 Ken Wright CCR Joy Harris GS

201407_Photo004 201407_Photo005 201407_Photo006

The achievement awards that move on to a new runner after each mob match went to,

Mike McElwee (HTCW) and Chris Root (SBC) – well done gents.

Junior Awards to Adam and Emily Hudson (both GS), Charlie Tanner (HTCW), Thomas Oubridge (EC), and Sophia Lunn (CCR).

Newcomers – Rosie Deale (VS) and Nick Cady (GS).

Persistence – Joy Harris (SBC), Jenny Reid (CCR)

Triumphant – John Morton (CCR), Cheryl Hudson (GS), Sophia Lorke (EC), and Johnson and Henlon families (HTCW)

Stef Van Bockstaele very generously came over, with his Dad Koen and fellow Banstead stalwart Allan Kuhar, for the mob match meaning he did his 50 with us rather than at his home run of Banstead – very kind Stef, thank you – I see you recorded a course best for your troubles, well done.

Andy Crossley meanwhile ran his 200th run today – and whilst he’s a Lloyd regular now 92 of those are at Roundshaw, which he said he was delighted to re visit. Likewise we had Richard Tanner back (82 Roundshaw runs), with Charlie, Emily and Christopher (PB today) – lending their support to Holy Trinity Wallington.


Not an exhaustive list but course Pb’s for; Mark Holt, Nicholas Cady, Martin Drake, Martin Black, Mick Daines, Yasmin Henlon, Ian Smith, Michael McElwee, Patroulla Lorke, David Goodman, Michael Hawes, Norman Robinson, Martyn Smith, Maximilian Lorke, Joshua Crossley, Jenny Reid, and with perhaps the most impressive PB of the day a handsome young 5 year old called Matthew Gray.

First Timer’s to Roundshaw include; Robert Lines, Colin Jackson, Richard and Gail Oubridge, Chris and David Root (all Lloyd) Graham Oglethorpe and Cheryl Hudson (both mob match specialists),  Jon Franklin – who I went to college with, comparing notes we last saw each other some 25 years ago! Pete Backhurst (Banstead), Paul Huggins, Lisa Webster and Amanda Hardy ( all Nonsuch), Carol Muir (Valentines – uber tourist), Alexander Oubridge (1 run at Riddlesdown), Rosie Deale, Owen, Florence and Lara Cook (all Riddlesdown), Neil Dore, Greg Borrageiro, Shermane Henlon, Thomas Oubridge, Andrew, Harvey, Lucie and Clare Pitts, Liam Fennell, Rachel Stevens, Michele Martin-Kalil,  Luca Fierro and Andrew Martin to church list.

Single lappers today include; Marie Gray (looking stylish in her new trainers), Marcia Wilson, Amelia Dore, Lisa and Harrison Vagel.

Also running (but not mentioned yet!) were; Christine Dixon-Baker, Kerry Dore, Sue Gray, Alison Symonds-Tayler, Julian Morris, Rene Berende, Julian Black, David Beck, Eric De Valmency, Gavin Hamilton, Ian Smith, Jonathan Pegg, Toks Kadiri, Kate Edwards, Alison Joyce, Ian Jones, Hannah Grabauskas, Anna Hargreaves, Anthony Constantinou, Tevin Kadiri, Sonia Henlon, Jayne Howick, Carol Lambe, Alexander Lorke, Micky Wheeler, Matthew Crossley, Barry Clist, Daniel Johnstone, David Lunn, Sophie Johnstone, Mel groom, Rosa Constantinou, Zulekha Johnson, Tina Labung, and Zenani Johnson – hope that’s everyone!


Steve Tarrant (CCR) and daughter Nikki Tarrant (HTCW) were away at a wedding in Portugal and send their regrets – but had a very happy time.

At Pontefract parkrun in Leeds, two of a fairly new club, aiming to go UK wide, ‘Christian Runners’ ran this week, their numbers are growing and founder Jason tells me their t shirts are selling well.

Ron West (EC) was doing a tough ultra marathon run, and sent us a picture of the hailstones some of his fellow runners dodged;


tough before the weather – tougher still with! He still managed the appropriately titled – “Race To The Stones” (completed the 100km in 19h28m) – well done Ron!

We have a report from Shrewsbury where a new club is emerging;

“Fun in the Sun: Shrewsbury parkrun 5k Run

For Fun in the Sun (our summer social events programme) youth Minister Matt Guilder offered to take others along to Shrewsbury parkrun in the Quarry.

Shrewsbury parkrun Started in September 2013 and has never had rain on a Saturday morning when the run begins at 9am. Granted occasionally it was cancelled because the river Severn was taking a detour along the parkrun route!  So in 36 events the week Matt organised a group guess what happened? It rained! But not just a little rain, proper biblical rain!

So at 9 am Matt was joined by the other local parkrunners and a few dedicated/ willing to get wet runners from our church community (about 8 Matt tells me), and they all had a great all be it wet time running the parkrun. Some got Personal Bests, others working back from injury and one first timer! Which is always good.

Matt is always willing to introduce people to parkrun.. We are also looking into the idea of establishing a ‘Club’ so you can belong to Trinity Church Runners Shrewsbury.”

Do go for it Matt – hopefully some of us can then visit you, as well as getting you into our virtual mob match in September.

At Great Lines parkrun in Gillingham 2 other Church Clubs Cornerstone Fit and St Mark’s Runners put out respectively 21 and 5 runners, as well as one Cornerstone  Runner away running at Aberdeen (Laura Watters) – St Mark’s Runners picking up 2nd and 3rd place at Great lines Shaun Collins and Callun Crolla.

Another emerging group are the wonderfully named Rock Runners in Nottingham who do training runs together and are looking at moving more into parkrun in the Autumn.

Many of these clubs are listed with links here.

The idea of the virtual mob match is that on September 20th as many people as we can get to run for a church or church running club – but wherever they want. For those clubs that have set up on parkrun we can draw in their results direct from parkrun – but if others want to join in they just send in their results that weekend – and then we list all the results in time order and score them as if they all ran at one place. This means clubs/groups/ and even individuals all over London, or even the country can join in – it should be a lot of fun!


As ever I’ve popped a few more of the photos onto the end – so enjoy.


201407_Photo011 201407_Photo012

201407_Photo013 201407_Photo014





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201407_Photo022 201407_Photo023 201407_Photo024

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