“Running In Faith” – a virtual mob match

The idea of the virtual mob match is that on September 20th as many people as possible get to parkrun for a church or church running club/group – but at any parkrun they want. Get out of church and go and run with a whole new community.

Whether you are the only runner in your church, or you have a mate or two who run, or you have a group/club, anyone can join in. It can be as ad hoc, or organised, as people want it to be. If you want to set up as a club, contact us and we will assist. Likewise if you want to join a club, check out the ones listed on churchrunner to see if any suit your needs – Christian Runners for example is UK wide.

Use the parkrun UK website to find an event, register with them, then run – with your barcode – on September 20th. They welcome runners (or walker who run a bit) of all standards.

Clubs that have set up on parkrun – we can draw in their results direct from parkrun – but if others want to join in they just send in their results that weekend (names and event would be enough) – and then we list all the results in time order and score them as if they all ran at one place. This means clubs/groups/ and even individuals all over London, or even the country can join in – it should be a lot of fun! All via www.churchrunner.co.uk.

A certificate template will be made available for those who wish to print and issue locally, and the opportunity to submit text/photos towards an ‘event report’ – to be issued a week or so later.

NB parkrun are a secular organisation open to all, we are simply running at their free events – with thanks we can do so – no endorsement by them should be inferred.