Upcoming “Nonsuch in November” Mob Match

The Good Shepherd Runners cordially invite you to Nonsuch in November.

Saturday 15th November 09:00 at Nonsuch parkrun, Nonsuch Park, Cheam.

In the beginning there was Bushy, and God saw that it was good. Then on the 2nd day, there was Mob Match 2 – “Can you handle the hill” at Lloyd, and God saw that it was good (even with the hill). On the 3rd day, it was time for Roundshaw and the “Birthday Bash” and despite several hills this time, God saw that it was good. On the 4th day, there was the Virtual Mob Match (no nickname sadly) but still God saw that it was good. And so now on the 5th day, no time for resting yet, it is “Nonsuch in November” (sorry it was the best name I could come up with), and the hills of Lloyd and Roundshaw give way to the level plains of Nonsuch Park. It is going to be good!

Course details and directions can be found here. It’s a two lap course, roughly half of which is on pavement and the other half on grass. The course is flat although not quite as flat as Bushy; there are a couple of very slight undulations on the grass bit (not like Lloyd or Roundshaw).

If you’re coming by car there’s a couple of free car parks when you enter by the Cheam village gate and a car park by London Road. These are getting quite full nowadays though so I would recommend getting there in good time. Please also try and car share as this will certainly help parking. It is then about 500m walk to the start by the Mansion House from either car park. Please do not park in the car park by the mansion house though as this is for patrons only. Cheam train station is approx 1km from the start.

We look forward to welcoming you to Nonsuch.

With many blessings,

The Good Shepherd Runners