Nonsuch Mob Match (Nov 2014)

Thank you all so much for coming, 40 ran for Chiltern, 18 for Good Shepherd, 2 for Vineyard Sutton, 8 for Holy Trinity Church Wallington, 5 for Emmanuel, 5 for St Patrick’s Tigers, and 8 for Selsdon Baptist – 92 runners in total! Oh, and two dogs.


The conditions underfoot varied – with the half tarmac, half grass course – decent amount of mud – at least two falls, but no injuries as far as I know. I for one do love charging through the puddles, so apologies if you were standing to one side of me (Steve and Dave T – I know I got you) – but be warned I am a repeat offender.

In all 466 people ran Nonsuch  parkrun that day, and we were spread from position 4 to position 465! We took them to their fourth highest ever attendance. Thanks to Jason for all his hard work in organising.


Scores, after handicap, for those who like such things, as follows;

Chiltern   1500 (38)


Good Shepherd   565 (18)


Christ Church New Malden 448 (6)

St Patrick’s Tigers  391(5)

Emmanuel Church   273 (5)

Selsdon Baptist   263 (8)

Holy Trinity Wallington   222 (8)

Vineyard Sutton  69 (2)


I note St Patrick’s scored the highest points as an average per individual runner in all 3 categories (Men/Women/Juniors) and Good Shepherd accumulated the most junior points.  Number of runners is in brackets – Chiltern still ‘mobbing’ – we may need to look at scoring again to open things up a bit.


Within the churches;
First women (first column) and girls home
  1. Deborah Cotton StPT
  2. Anna Singleton CCNM
  3. Wendy Spear EC
  1. Elaine Jones HTW
  2. Anna Crossley SBC
  3. Ellie Howick CCR

First women home for their teams otherwise were; Laura Hargreaves CCR, Carol Lambe HTW, Joy Harris SBC, Lorna Owen VS, and Moira Pidgeon GS . First girls otherwise were, Calla Owen VS, and Eleanor Woodman GS

First men (first column) and boys home
  1. Lee Flanagan EC
  2. Peter Bodley-Scott CCNM
  3. Ashley Pate CCR
  1. Adam Hudson GS
  2. Piers Moore CCR
  3. Olamide Ogunnaike HTW

First men home for their teams otherwise were; David Root SBC, Jason Hudson GS, Shane Dowman StPT, and Michael Ogunnaike HTW.  Also for the boys Thomas Cotton StPT, Daniel Havelock CCNM and Matthew Crossley SBC.

Spot the Tiger badge – great work.

Spot the Tiger badge – great work.

Age Men Women
J10 Adam Hudson GS Calla Owen VS
J11-14 Piers Moore CCR Elaine Jones HTW
J15-17 Mamus Otugour StPT Deborah Cotton StPT
S25-29 Nathan Dibdin CCR Laura Hargreaves CCR
S30-34 Ashley Pate CCR Kate Edwards CCR
S35-39 Andrew Martin CCR Anna Singleton CCNM
V40-44 Lee Flanagan EC Jayne Howick CCR
V45-49 Peter Bodley-Scott CCNM Pauline Fuller CCR
V50-54 Antony Constantinou CCR Wendy Spear EC
V55-59 Shane Dowman StPT Maggie Burns CCR
V60-64 Neil Dawson CCR ——-
V65-69 Ken Wright CCR Joy Harris GS
V70-74 ——- Susan Bailey GS


Awards; Junior Medals to Calla Owen (Vineyard), Thomas Cotton (St Patrick’s), Anna Crossley (Selsdon Baptist) also Aaron and Zac Simpson (Good Shepherd). Newcomer awards to David Button also jointly Maggie and Patrick Burns (all 3 Chiltern). The effort awards went to Wendy Spear (Emmanuel), Micky Wheeler (Selsdon Baptist) and Sue Bailey (Good Shepherd). Whilst the Recognition awards went to Daniel Havelock (Christ Church New Malden) and Yan Hua (Holy Trinity).


The two achievement awards that move from runner to runner went to; The Jones family of Holy Trinity, and Clive Wickham of Chiltern Church Runners – Clive is also the Technical Director of – and he found a course best time in his legs, maybe it’s the beard?


Speaking of which, not an exhaustive list but course PB’s for; Clive Wickham, Martin Drake, Neil Dawson, Tim Gray, Adam O’Domhnaill, Micky Wheeler, Pauline Fuller, Ken Wright, Jayne Howick, and Jo Wheeler.

First Timers to Nonsuch include; Thomas Cotton, Peter Bodley-Scott, Andrew Turner, Andrew Mills, Anna Singleton, Daniel and Sarah Havelock, Lorna and Calla Owen, Joy Harris, Anna and Matthew Crossley, Piers Moore, David Root, Yan Hua, Lee Flanagan, Leanne Costanzo, Ron West, Neil Cooper, Zac Simpson, Olamide and Michael Ogunnaike, Elaine and Ian Jones, Matthew O’Domnhnaill, Dave Goodman, Zobida Mohammed, Martyn Smith, Mamus Otugour, Dave and Steve Tarrant, Richard and Wendy Spear, Anna Singleton, Jodie Noakes, and David Button.

Apologies to anyone I have missed.

Also a little mention to Helen Pownall (single lap) and Lisa Connolly (partial lap) – better luck next time!

As ever, a few more photos to enjoy, keep up the training and we will see you at Bushy parkrun on March 21st.

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