Meet churchrunner Mark B

In the snowName: Mark Blythe
Club: Molesey Churches Running Club
Age: 55
Home parkrun: Bushy (the home of parkrunning!)
Occupation: Sports Evangelist
Number of Runs: 56ish

Favourite volunteer role: Scanning barcodes – cos you can read the runner’s names and say well done Geoff or good run Julie etc, folks love it when you say their name!
What do you do at parkruns: Talk to the Marshals, run, chat at the finish line to the folks that have just beaten me.
How has parkrun changed your running: Made me faster
What do you like about parkrun: The friendliness of everyone, it’s a competition but it’s not.
Most memorable or funniest parkrun moment: Pushing a buggy for the first time with my Granddaughter in it. Nearly took out 3 runners, quickly learnt to take more care!

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