Interim Riddlesdown results

Dear All – apologies for the delay, we are working on the National results & both they and the report should be up by early next week – just to much data & not enough time!

And the club results for the Riddlesdown match after handicap are, drum roll please…

  1. Selsdon Baptist Church Runners
  2. Emmanuel Church
  3. Christ Church Purley
  4. St Patrick’s Tigers
  5. Croydon Vineyard
  6. Springfield Church Springers
  7. Sanderstead Evangelical Church
  8. Christ Church Chelmsford URC
  9. The Salvation Army
  10. Good Shepherd
  11. Holy Trinity Wallington
  12. Chiltern Church Runners

Well done to all involved and congrats to SBC on the win!

See the churchrunner results page for individual positions and times.

The Riddlesdown Report and the National (virtual) results & report are being worked on now so we hope to have those with you soon on

A special thank you to Riddlesdown parkrun and their volunteers for hosting us and giving us such a warm welcome.