Running in Faith – the National Virtual Mob Match

Well this was the first time we’d moved the inter church ‘mob match’, in a deliberate way, to January, it looks like we got a few new year’s resolution runners – but the icy weather meant some parkruns were shut for health and safety reasons.

In total there were 120 runners, across  29 parkruns running for Christian running groups/churches.

Obviously none of this would be possible without parkrun – so a big thank you to them.

parkruns – where did we run?

Lloyd, Roundshaw Downs, Riddlesdown, Ormskirk, Catton, Ormeau, Stormont, Forest Rec, Lytham Hall, Banstead Woods, Bushy, Reigate Priory, Roding Valley, Homewood, Woodhouse Moor, Pontefract, Newcastle, Andover, Brueton, Southwick Country, Rother Valley, Leamington, Raphael, Peterborough, Chelmsford Central, Rising Sun, Thetford, Beeston, & Cross Flats.

So National – but not International this time

Roundshaw the most hotly contested parkrun with 5 clubs there!

Clubs and churches – who ran?

Rock Runners – Good Shepherd – Refresh Church Runners – Selsdon Baptist Church Runners – Chiltern Church Runners – Holy Trinity Church Wallington – Christian Runners UK – Emmanuel Runners – St Patrick’s Tigers – Salvation Army and KMPC Runners – Beacon Church Runners – Cheam Baptist Church Runners – Christ Church Purley Runners – Wrangthorn Runners – Croydon Vineyard Church Runners – jOG Norwich – Christian Vision for Men – Christ Church Chelmsford

Some familiar names, and some new, 19 clubs or churches in all.

13 clubs had 6 or less runners – which is very cool, as it means there is lots of room for growth.


Some excellent results here as the handicap system continues togive everyone a fair chance;

Christian Runners UK                                   834

Beacon Church Runners                               655

KMPC Runners                                             414

Wrangthorn Church Runners                        404

Chiltern Church Runners                              380

Emmanuel Runners                                      376

Refresh Church Runners                              346

Croydon Vineyard Church Runners              322

Rock Runners                                                259

Holy Trinity Church Wallington                     250

Cheam Baptist Church Runners                   232

jOG Norwich                                                 230

Christ Church Chelmsford                            213

Christian Vision for Men                               185

St Patrick’s Tigers                                         156

Good Shepherd Runners                              152

Christ Church Purley Runners                       136

The Salvation Army                                       113

Selsdon Baptist Church Runners                    98


This year even though we are running virtually we have some little trophies going out to the top 3, so well done.

Appropriately Jason Westmoreland – Christian Runners UK club Captain, was the fastest man, Rowena Francis for Christ Church Purley the fastest woman, and Stevie Norton for Chiltern Church Runners the fastest junior – so nice and spread out. Whether you were quick, or indeed steady (as I like to think of myself) we appreciate every single one of you taking part.

Beacon Church Runners are in the middle of their ten different parkruns in ten weeks to raise funds for an orphanage whilst KMPC are doing their 100ok to May again as per last year .

Also on a Mission is Darren Fazackerley of Christ Church Chelmsford as he tours around the country;

“I am pleased to say that I have been able to continue with my weekly parkrun and to be able to do a different parkrun each in my aim to complete 100 different parkruns by 1st April 2017.  As I regularly start from the back and finish last as Volunteer Tailrunner I have enjoyed the wonderful opportunity to witness to people I have never met before and may never meet again but for the duration of the parkrun it has been a joy to hear of some wonderful life stories.  Being Tailrunner gives an opportunity to chat and certainly is a lot easier to do so if you are walking together.  On Christmas Eve I met a wonderful family of all ages at Mersea Island parkrun and had the privilege of helping Grandma, who was in her 70’s, complete the distance in a shade over 65 minutes.  The whole family was on the finish line to cheer the lady home and present her with a unique Reindeer Medal.  On Christmas Day I drove down from Chelmsford to Gillingham to Great Lines parkrun and had the surreal experience of Father Christmas on a Harley Davidson pull up alongside me at the traffic lights little knowing he was on the way to the parkrun too and was one of the marshalls.  For the first time in 10 months I managed to lightly jog round the course to finish in just under 36 minutes and I was still back in Chelmsford for 10.30 to join the family at Church.  Anyway I am sure I will have more to share as the tour rolls on – up to 91 parkruns now with a date in Bushy Park firmly in sight.”

As were some others like Alison and Rosemary of Holy Trinity Wallington;


Whilst some of you stayed close to home;



And one other result is the 2016 churchrunner trophy for most consistent performance in mob matches goes to – St Patrick’s Tiger’s – well done to you all, I know Kirsty your club Captain is very excited, after a year of several high finishes, but not a first place, good to see you recognized.

Before we come to the tailrunner and the finish though – here’s a few of those Christian Runners UK in action;