churchrunner Tourist Event – 18th March 2017

Our first ever try at this one, and it does look as if some of you had some fun with it, so good on you!

116 of you were running somewhere & we even got a few pictures back in.

Dave & Steve Tarrant wanted the seaside so off they went, and made some new friends from South Africa whilst they were there!


Some of you went local but tourist, like; Good Shepherds tame Tigers (St Patrick’s) in Banstead Woods?


I know some Chiltern Church Runners were doing Banstead for the first time as well, but they were clearly camera shy.  Meanwhile one Banstead regular Allan headed over to Wimbledon for a change of scene.

Sylvia Symes of St Patrick’s Tigers made it to Great Lines parkrun – and on this one occasion did not capture the age graded record for category – but only because it was her second run there, and she went faster last time – she is still the holder & a legend, not just in the VW75-79 age category.


Croydon Vineyard swapped Lloyd for Riddlesdown in another simple, but effective, local piece of tourism. They brought some non Church friends with them as well – always nice to see. I can also see a Christ Church Purley runner (at home run) in the background of their selfie, and know two Chiltern Church Runners Tamsyn and Steve also visited Riddlesdown for the first time.


Peter traded Roundshaw for the local Nonsuch (left) having just mistimed his visit to South Africa (right) for a few weeks before the tourist event.


Five of us from Chiltern made it to Clare parkrun – one for the brave, 4.5 laps of hills!


Three uber-tourists turned out for Holy Trinity Wallington in Bury St Edmunds – a very excellent effort.


No scores for this one folks – just for fun. I hope you enjoyed it. The next match is Lloyd parkrun on 20th May, but before then if anyone fancies Roundshaw on 22nd April – you would be most welcome, as it should be my 250th parkrun.

God Bless,