Riddlesdown Inter-Church Mob Match (Sep 2017)

Thank you all so much for coming, 30 ran for Chiltern, 11 for Good Shepherd, 6 for Holy Trinity Church Wallington, 15  for Emmanuel, 9 for St Patrick’s Tigers, 4 for Christ Church Purley, 7 for Croydon Vineyard, 5 for the Salvation Army, 2 for New Creation Church London, 14 for  Selsdon Baptist Church, and 4 for Springfield Springers,  107 runners in total!


No new age graded records this year, but it was biggest turn out ever for Riddlesdown, so new course attendance record.

Photo credits to Yan Hua then also thanks to Kate Edwards and Alla Lunn who kept score. The non-running volunteers are really essential to us, and appreciated. In all 295 people ran Riddlesdown parkrun that day, and we were spread from position 2 to position 295 ! It was great to see even more of our runners there than last year.

Riddlesdown were very welcoming – especially given the need for them to be tight on car parking – and having to work out if they had enough finish tokens. So a big thank you to Nicki and her team.


Scores, after handicap, for those who like such things, as follows;

1 Emmanuel Church                               677

2 Good Shepherd                                    528

3 Chiltern Church Runners                      525

4 Selsdon Baptist Church Runners          513

5 Christ Church Purley                             358

6 The Salvation Army                               318

7 Holy Trinity Wallington                           217

8 Croydon Vineyard                                  173

9 New Creation Church London                168

10 St Patrick’s Tigers                                 119

11 Springfield Church Springers                  39


Next Mob match November 18th at Nonsuch, so get that one into your calendar!

That one will decide the ‘2017 most consistent team’ which half a dozen Churches are still in the running for!


Within the churches;

First women (first column) and girls home

1 Juliet Cleghorn CCP2 Deborah Cotton St Pat’s

3 Jemima Potter GS

Jemima Potter GSSophia Lunn CCR

Rebecca Jones St Pat’s


First women home for their teams otherwise were; Patroulla Lorke EC, Steph Ware NCCL, Cindy Woo HTW, Tamsyn Strathearn CCR, Sandra Harris SBC, & Rosie Edser SPR.

First girl for her team otherwise was; Hannah West EC.

First men (first column) and boys home

1 Kevin Lewis GS2 Robert Lines SBC3 Alex Lyne SA Adam Hudson GSIan Cotton St Pat’sTom Leigh CCP


First men home for their teams otherwise were; Mark Constantinou CCR, Andrew Marlow EC, Damian Taylor CV, Ian Smith HTW, Alexander Lorke EC, Steve Phillips St Pat’s, & Toby Shearlock SPR.


Also for the boys; Matthew Gray CCR, & Caleb Thompson CV.

Age Men Women
J10J11-14 Matthew Gray CCRAdam Hudson GS  Sophia Lunn CCRJemima Potter GS
J15-17 —– Zoe Carpenter CV
S18-19 Alex Lyne SA Deborah Cotton St Pat’s
S20-24S25-29 Joe Lyne SA—– Laura Dowman St Pat’sGeorgie Brackenbury EC
S30-34 David Button CCR Steph Ware NCCL
S35-39 Ashley Pate CCR Cindy Woo HTW
V40-44 Kevin Lewis GS Patroulla Lorke EC
V45-49 Robert Lines SBC Kirsty Cotton St Pat’s
V50-54 Mark Constantinou CCR Juliet Cleghorn CCP
V55-59 Matthew Stone SBC Sandra Harris SBC
V60-64 Neill Cooper EC —–
V65-69 David Rowlanes SA —–
V70-74 Geoff Nunn HTW Joy Harris GS



Not an exhaustive list but course Pb’s for; Mark Constantinou, Ashley Pate, Andrew Marlow, Jason Hudson, Adam Hudson, Ian Cotton, Stephen Down, Tom Leigh, Rene Berende, Gary Harrison, Colin Jackson, Michael Procter, Zac Carpenter, Tamsyn Strathearn, Kirsty Cotton, Ian Jones, Karen Chart, Rosa Constantinou, Matthew Gray, Kerena Ivens, Jo Wheeler, Ben Jones, & Sue Swaysland.

Great running folks.


First Timer’s to Riddlesdown include; Good to see us spreading the word.

Kevin Lewis, Mat Steeples, Deborah Cotton, Bob Chart, Steve Phillips, James Reeves, Jemima Potter, Darren Millings, Laura Dowman, Jeremy Sinclair, Steph Ware, Cindy Woo, Ron West, Toby Shearlock, Sandra Harris, Toks Kadiri, Mandy Bowyer, Rosie Edser, Michael Potter, Paul Brady, Sophia Lunn, Allan Kuhar, Charlotte Constantinou, Geoff Nunn, Tim Lunn, David Lunn, Caleb Thompson, Harvey Edser, Nick White, James Wright, Kieran Lewis, Karen Davidson, Don Brims, Mark Baldwin, Paul Burns, Sarah Burns, Susan Bailey, Hannah West, Mark Phillippo, Marie Gray, Cheryl Hudson & Rachel Berende.

And first ever parkrun for Salamao De Almeida & Hannah Gordon – well done to you both.

And, as ever, a few photos for you to see;