Running in Faith – the National Virtual Mob Match 2018

Another January National, and it looks like we got a good turnout– but the weather meant some parkruns were shut for health and safety reasons – bad luck for last year’s winners Christian Runners UK, as that was often in the North – impacting on their numbers.

Nice to see several new Churches in the results – and even on the podium.

In total there were 170 runners (50 up on last year), across 57 parkruns (nearly double last year) running for Christian running groups/churches.

Obviously none of this would be possible without parkrun – so a big thank you to them.

parkruns – where did we run?

Lloyd, Roundshaw Downs, Riddlesdown, St Helen’s, Banstead Woods, Hackney Marshes, St Alban’s, Dulwich, Ally Pally, Nonsuch, Swindon, Horsham, Southwick Country, Tollcross, Hazelhead, Parke, Gnoll, Melton Mowbray, Hastings, Catton, Stormont, Ormeau, Jersey, Bushy, Walsall Arboretum, Albert, Finsbury, Ipswich, Cambridge, Cannon Hill, Chester, Princes, Mile End, Wimpole Estate, Delamere, Cheltenham, Hillsborough, Tonbridge, Pomphrey Hill, Harcourt Hill, Conwy,Bromley, Bournemouth, Long Eaton, Peterborough, Colney Lane, Rushcliffe, Woodley, Brandon Country Park, Pegwell Bay, Kesgrave, Leicester Victoria, Stretford, Winchester, Chipping Sodbury, Folkestone, Peterborough & Curl Curl – in Australia (well done the Salvation Army).

So not just National – but International this time

Clubs and churches – who ran?

Good Shepherd – Refresh Church Runners – Selsdon Baptist Church Runners – Chiltern Church Runners – Holy Trinity Church Wallington – Christian Runners UK – Emmanuel Runners – St Patrick’s Tigers – Salvation Army – KMPC Runners – Beacon Church Runners – Cheam Baptist Church Runners – Christ Church Purley Runners –  Croydon Vineyard Church Runners – jOG Norwich – Christian Vision for Men – Zetland Evangelical Church – Tailenders running club – Lighthouse Church Runners – Rising Brook Runners – Holy Trinity Hastings (HTH) Runners – Body and Soul Runners – Vineyard Sutton – Springfield Church Springers

Some familiar names, and some new, 24 clubs or churches in all.

Smallest new Club was Zetland Evangelical Church with 1 runner – well done Stuart Burgess – who was also 4th man home!

Thanks to Beacon Church Runners (St Helen’s parkrun) who told us they also had a dog running (Oscar) who managed 31.02 to be first dog as the only other dogs we know of were Sam for StPatrick’s Tigers in 33.40 (First Time dog), and  Maisy (Chiltern Church Runners – both at  Roundshaw Downs) at a much more sedate 54.40. All on the dog podium then!


Sutton Vineyard contended not just with weather affected turn out – but wedding and ski trip affected also!

There was a joint tourist trip; I was on tour with a non affiliated friend Christine, who along with me is slowly visiting all the London parkruns (eventually hoping to be Lon-done ) . We picked Hackney Marshes as it is virtually all tarmac (with a bit of packed sand and puddles on the temporary detour ). We were pleased and surprised to be joined by the Tarrant brothers, Dave and Steve, who are avid tourists and also both Chiltern Church Runners. They came back onto the course to provide a guard of honour and walk me to the finish . We could see the Olympic Park in the murky distance. After an interesting journey there on a variety of trains and a soggy walk, we were pleased to be taken back to Croydon and Reigate in a warm, dry car. This would be a great course in fine weather, but still a lovely welcome from the team in atrocious conditions.  We enjoyed our hot drinks in the dry and got a cheeky photo behind the Bar as not in use.

Well done to everyone who ran or walked on a very wet and cold morning.  Alison Symonds-Tayler Holy Trinity Wallington.



Some excellent results here as the handicap system continues to give everyone a chance;

TailEnders                                                    2626

The Salvation Army                                       1621

Chiltern Church Runners                               1335

Beacon Church Runners                                533

HTH Runners                                                 488

St Patrick’s Tigers                                         466

Selsdon Baptist Church Runners                  449

Lighthouse Church Runners                         428

Christian Runners UK                                   360

Christ Church Purley Runners                       346

Croydon Vineyard Church Runners              335

jOG Norwich                                                 334

Vineyard Sutton                                            330

Holy Trinity Church Wallington                     329

Good Shepherd Runners                              281

Cheam Baptist Church Runners                   271

KMPC Runners                                             256

Body and Soul Runners                                243

Springfield Church Springers                       240

Rising Brook Runners                                  235

Zetland Evangelical Church                          198

Christian Vision for Men                               167

Emmanuel Runners                                       56

Refresh Church Runners                               21

And one other result is the 2017 churchrunner trophy for most consistent performance in mob matches goes to –Chiltern Church Runners– we had a good year!

Fastest Man was Joe Lyne (Salvation Army), Second Louis Suggett (Tailenders), Third Matthew Stone (Selsdon Baptist Church Runners). Fastest woman was Sophie Ash (Tailenders), then Katherine Hall (Tailenders), and third Catriona Shearer (Tailenders) – a clean sweep. Fastest juniors (14 & under) where – Joel Pollard (Beacon Church Runners), Ian Cotton (St Patrick’s Tigers), and Alfie Pipe (Tailenders).

For those down south – or who fancy a visit our next mob match is at Bushy park on March 10th – do come along.