Nonsuch Inter-Church Mob Match (Oct 2018)

Brilliant to see you all, 23 ran for Chiltern, 18 for Good Shepherd, 2 for Croydon Vineyard, 5 for Sutton Vineyard, 1 for All Saints West Ewell, 6 for Holy Trinity Church Wallington, 18 for St Patrick’s, 2 for Springfield, 2 for the Salvation Army, 4 for Selsdon Baptist, 3 for Tandridge Deanery, 1 for Sutton Christian Centre, & 1 for Cheam Baptist – 86 runners in total, and from 13 different Churches.


We were spread from position 19 to position 674 – we helped push Nonsuch to being 3rd biggest parkrun in the country that week.


Also as ever we had a great welcome from the volunteer team (thanks to all), and a mention in the main run briefing.


The handicap system resulted in;

Good Shepherd – 1st place – 1011
St Patrick’s Tigers – 2nd place – 999
Vineyard Sutton – 3rd place – 592
Chiltern Church runners– 4th – 547
Tandridge Deanery – 5th – 513
Croydon Vineyard – 6th – 476
Selsdon Baptist Church Runners – 7th – 434
Holy Trinity Wallington – 8th – 391
Cheam Baptist Church Runners – 9th – 379
All Saint’s West Ewell – 10th – 362
Sutton Christian Centre – 11th – 348
Springfield Church Springers – 12th – 234
The Salvation Army – 13th – 97


We also got Annual results, so for the year 2018 the top 5 were;

1 Chiltern Church Runners
2 St Patrick’s Tigers
3 Good Shepherd
4 Selsdon Baptist Church Runners
5 Holy Trinity Wallington


I said in 2017 “I think next year we will perhaps change this trophy to the team with the best score – who did NOT win a mob match. We like to mix it up a bit.” So whilst Chiltern Church Runners did win the year – the trophy goes to St Patrick’s Tigers for most consistent year without an outright win.


Next year we will go with highest scoring team who have never won a mob match! To win though the team will have to have competed at all 4 physical events.

A special mention to the Good Shepherd couch to 5k runners doing their first ever parkrun – brilliant work from you all.

Within the churches;

First women (first column) and girls home (for whom I have GDPR consent)
1 Jemima Potter GS / Jemima Potter GS
2 Sophia Lunn CCR / Sophia Lunn CCR
3 Cindy Woo HTW / Eleanor Webster GS


Jason I note was lead bike, and THEN started his run – still completing his run well ahead of the Tail Walker!

First men (first column) and boys home (for whom I have GDPR consent)
1 Zac Carpenter CV / Ian Cotton StP
2 Ian Cotton StP / James Springate StP
3 Wlliam Higgs StP / Michael Coppin StP

Again those without publicly declared club affiliation, or privately submitted GDPR consent are excluded.


Other achievements, not an exhaustive list but course PBs for; Zac Carpenter, William Higgs, James Springate, Darren Millings, Michael Coppin, Kieran Lewis, Michael Potter, Jonathan Humphreys, Sophia Lunn, Sue Springate, Nigel Panter, Kirsty Cotton, Lauryn Coppin, William Webster, Eleanor Webster, Fran Lewis, Marie Gray, Claire Coppin, & Rachel Berende.

Well done all.


First Timers to Nonsuch were; Stan Van Rensburg, Cindy Woo, Alex Hill, Rajka Kuhar, Alla Lunn, Patricia Norton, Emma Clements, Alma Courtney, Beverley Brigden, and Rachel Armitage.

Nice to see you at Nonsuch.

St Patrick’s report; “We had two dogs running: Bertie’s first ever parkrun – apparently he proceeded to sleep for the rest of the day! – and Sam’s first at Nonsuch” which is fab – but no points for dogs I’m afraid!

Also running but not mentioned yet were – too many of you for me to list everyone – but again congratulations to you all, and thanks. Nice to see supporters out as well – much appreciated.


A massive thank you to scorers Sue Gray and Anthony French, we had Nikki Humphreys as photographer in advance but were fortunate to benefit from photos also by Stephen Siu. Results, as ever, by Andy Crossley. Website by Clive Wickham. Errors in the report – all mine! Also thanks to our helpers on the cake table.

Apologies to anyone I have missed.

We have some more photos to enjoy, keep up the training and we will see you at a mob match in 2019 – the next one is the National (virtual event) date to follow – you can parkrun anywhere & it will count for this one.

By Tim Gray (Chiltern Church Runners)