Roundshaw Inter-Church Mob Match (Jul 2019)

Thank you all so much for coming, 41 ran for Chiltern, 19 for Good Shepherd, 1 for Tandridge Deanery, 10 for Holy Trinity Church Wallington, 7 for the Salvation Army, 1 for Emmanuel, 8 for St Patrick’s Tigers, 1 for Christ Church Purley, 8 for Croydon Vineyard, 1 for Springfield, 1 for All Saints West Ewell, 1 for Christian Runners UK, 2 for Grace Church Dulwich and 5 for Selsdon Baptist – 106 runners in total!


It was the events 10th Anniversary, and we got the event’s 6th biggest attendance.
Thanks to Emma Baldwin & Brian Adams who between them kept score, and to all the parkrun volunteers – several of whom came from our Churches. As ever a big thanks to Andy Crossley for scores and Clive Wickham for his website work. In all 246 people ran Roundshaw parkrun that day, and we were spread from position 1 to position 246! It was awesome to see so many of our runners there.

Scores, after handicap, though obviously it’s mainly for fun;

Church Score
Chiltern Church 1951
Good Shepherd 1192
Holy Trinity Wallington 905
Salvation Army 874
Croydon Vineyard 773
St Patrick’s 712
Springfield Church 584
Christ Church Purley 580
All Saints West Ewell 552
Christian Runners UK 550
Tandridge Deanery 436
Grace Church Dulwich 372
Emmanuel Church 204
Selsdon Baptist 26


Next Mob match looks to be October 12th at Nonsuch, so get that one into your calendar!

That one will decide the annual award – eligible teams at this point are; Croydon Vineyard, Tandridge Deanery, Grace Church Dulwich, and Holy Trinity Wallington – all could win, first requisite is to turn out a team at Nonsuch after that it could go to any of you, but the better you score, the better your chance.

Within the churches;

First women (first column) and girls home


I should explain re GDPR – which now means if you have neither registered to your Church club or sent me a GDPR waiver so we can name you then we can still score you – but no mention in the report or individual results.

First men (first column) and boys home




I note the tables below are only from those I can name.


Not an exhaustive list but course PBs for; Jared Thompson, William Webster, Kieran Lewis, Lisa Webster, Stan Van Rensburg, Jonathan Humphreys, Timothy Humphreys, Jason Humphreys, and Lydia Graham. Great effort folks.

First Timers to Roundshaw include; James Widdows, Philippa Widdows Graham Williams, Mark Ingram, Esther Davies (First parkrun ever – well done), Hannah Gordon, Fran Lewis, Nicola Gillespie, Alma Courtney, and Amber Murray (first ever 5k parkrun).
As ever we have some fab photos (courtesy of a kind Strider who kindly let us use his event photos) & Kerena Ivens also chipping in some pictures as well.







Blessed are The PaceMakers – See you soon folks!