Nonsuch Inter-Church Mob Match (Oct 2019)

Brilliant to see you all, 14 ran for Chiltern, 14 for Good Shepherd, 1 for Croydon Vineyard, 5 for Grace Church Dulwich 1 for All Saints West Ewell, 6 for Holy Trinity Church Wallington, 16 for St Patrick’s, 2 for the Salvation Army, 6 for Selsdon Baptist, 2 for Tandridge Deanery, 1 for Sutton Christian Centre, 2 for Hook Evangelical, & 1 for Cheam Baptist – so 13 different Churches.

We were spread from position 2 to position 596 of 596.

Also as ever we had a great welcome from the volunteer team (thanks to all), and a mention in the main run briefing.

The handicap system resulted in

St Patrick’s Tigers – 1st place – 1361

Grace Church Runners Dulwich – 2nd place – 804

Good Shepherd – 3rd place – 715

Selsdon Baptist church Runners– 4th – 628

Hook Evangelical – 5th – 613

Tandridge Deanery – 6th – 594

Cheam Baptist Church Runners – 7th – 579

Holy Trinity Wallington – 8th – 572

All Saints West Ewell – 9th – 569

Sutton Christian Centre – 10th – 531

The Salvation Army – 11th – 354

Croydon Vineyard – 12th – 333

Chiltern Church Runners – 13th – 117

We also got Annual results, so for the year 2019 the top 3 qualifying were;

1 Grace Church Dulwich

2 Croydon Vineyard

3 Holy Trinity Wallington

This was probably the closest year we ever had – all 3 teams were in it right up to the Nonsuch match. Croydon Vineyard only sent one runner (0 would have disqualified them for 2019), and Grace Church benefitted (I know) from a cancelled Rugby watching event – all very tight.

I said in 2019 “Next year we will go with highest scoring team who have never won a mob match (2019 or the annual cup)! To win though the team will have to have completed at all 4 physical events.” – We will carry on with that for next year, with that () addition.

Other achievements, not an exhaustive list but course Pb’s for; William Higgs, Cindy Woo, & Jacob Atkinson.

Well done.

First Timer’s to Nonsuch were; James, Philippa, & Nathaniel Widdows, Oliver Spencer, Andrew & MaryBurke, Emily James (first ever parkrun), Louise Franklin, & Helen Machell.

Nice to see you at Nonsuch.

Also running but not mentioned yet were –to many of you for me to list everyone – but again congratulations to you all, and thanks.

A massive thank you to scorers Victoria Widdows &Sue Elson, and photographer Tony James, and not forgetting Sandy Higgs on cake distribution. Results, as ever, by Andy Crossley – remotely this time. Also the churchrunner Technical Director Clive Wickham.

Apologies to anyone I have missed.

We have some more photos to enjoy, keep up the training and we will see you at a mob match in 2020.

National (virtual event) January 18th you can parkrun anywhere & count for this one. After that we hope to be in Dulwich for our first ever run there – it’s very flat, so potentially very fast!

God bless you all.