Run to the Hills – Lloyd Mob Match (May 2015)

Thank you all so much for coming,  29 ran for Chiltern, 9 for Good Shepherd, 2 for Sutton Christian Centre, 12 for Holy Trinity Church Wallington, 18 for Emmanuel, and 26 for Selsdon Baptist – 97 runners in total. The Lloyd attendance record was 221- set when we did our last mob match there, but was pushed up to a massive 261, amazing numbers.


We were spread from position 1 to position 261 – that’s first to last.

We were lucky with the weather again and it stayed dry, and we were fortunate that the previous days rain had drained well, Lloyd in the mud is a very different run!

The new handicap system resulted in…

  • Selsdon Baptist Church Runners – 1st place – 1112
  • Emmanuel Church – 2nd place – 967
  • Holy Trinity Wallington – 3rd place – 459


  • Sutton Christian Centre –  4th – 53
  • Good Shepherd –  5th – 43
  • Chiltern Church Runners  –  6th – 41

Chiltern still paying heavily for our previous wins – but that does mean our handicap is shrinking!


Within the churches;
First women (first column) and girls home
  1. Sophia Lorke (J) EC
  2. Patroulla Lorke EC
  3. Claire Jeffries EC
  1. Sophia Lorke EC
  2. Elaine Jones HTW
  3. Zafari Johnson HTW

First women home for their teams otherwise were; Rachel Tanner HTW, Tamsyn Strathearn CCR, Bethany Adams SCC, and Patricia Callendar GS. First girls otherwise were Sophia Lunn CCR (also earning her 10 t-shirt).

201505_Photo4 201505_Photo5

First men (first column) and boys home
  1. Simone Luciani HTW
  2. Jordan O’Dongo (J) SBC
  3. Chris Root SBC
  1. Jordan O’Dongo SBC
  2. Isaac Flanagan EC
  3. Adam Hudson GS

First men home for their teams otherwise were; David Button CCR, Graham Oglethorpe GS, & Ric Adams SCC (doing his first ever non-Roundshaw parkrun, pic below), NB Isaac Flangan for EC. First boy for his church otherwise was Stef Van Bockstaele CCR.

201505_Photo6 201505_Photo7

Age Men Women
J10 Maximillian Lorke EC Sophia Lorke EC
J11-14 Jordan O’Dongo SBC Elaine Jones HTW
J15-17 Chris Root SBC Libby Marlow SBC
S18-19 Dennis Seymour HTW —–
S20-24 Matt Forsyth SBC —–
S25-29 Ernie Hann HTW Bethany Adams SCC
S30-34 Simone Luciani HTW Lisa Palmer CCR
S35-39 Michael Cadman CCR Tamsyn Strathearn CCR
V40-44 Robert Lines SBC Patroulla Lorke EC
V45-49 John Punt SBC Rachel Tanner HTW
V50-54 David Root SBC Clare Jeffries EC
V55-59 Richard Spear EC Alison Symonds-Tayler HTW
V60-64 Neil Dawson CCR —–
V65-69 Ken Wright CCR Joy Harris SBC

The two achievement awards that move from runner to runner went to; Don Brims from Chiltern Church, venturing (with daughter Catherine Donohue) away from their usual flat Nonsuch course to tackle the Lloyd hills in fine style. Don was delighted to achieve his award during the service at Chiltern Church the next day.

The other went to a Selsdon Baptist stalwart Colin Jackson, who has suddenly picked up over a minutes pace in the last few weeks.

Other awards went to Zahari Johosn HTW, Ric Adams SCC, Julia James, GS, Shalaina Wilson CCR, Hannah West EC, and Karen Crossley SBC.

Well done to all the award winners – you all did your clubs, and yourselves, proud.

Speaking of achievements, not an exhaustive list but course Pb’s for; Ken Wright, Jordan O’Dongo, Chris Root, Robert Lines, David Button, Rene Berende, Tim Gray (first course best since Lloyd event 1!), Ian Smith, Matt Rew, Oliver Hubbard, Sophia, Maximillian, & Patroulla Lorke, Toks Kadiri, Michael, Ogunnaike, Oliver Little, Neil Dawson, Kerena Ivens, Neil Staughton, Sophia Lunn, and Bobby Hunt.


First Timers to Lloyd include; Dave Tarrant, Michael Cadman, Wilfred Yung, Stef & Koen Van Bockstaele, Neill Cooper, Aaron Simpson, Elaine & Ian Jones, Yan Hua, Ric Adams, Allan Kuhar, Geoff Nunn, Lara cook, Thomas Oubridge, Don Brims, Zac Simpson, Fran McGovern, Sophie Johnstone, Alan Chettle, Zahari Johnosn, Catherine Donohue,  Shalaina Wilson, Matt Forsyth, & Julia James (both first parkrun ever – awesome run to start on).

Holly Carpenter clocked her parkrun 10 club run. Maria Lawrence (249th run at the mob match today – the 250 club beckons) almost at that milestone run.

The family award (any 3 runners from the same family at least one junior, and one adult) only calculated after the run had a big field this time, but in reverse order, with the lowest net time being best;

Family Members Total Time (hh:mm:ss) Club
Ron, Hannah, and Rachel West 02:02:48 EC
Andy, Karen and Matthew Crossley 01:53:08 SBC
Alla, David and Sophia Lunn 01:43:29 CCR
Maria, Alan, and Victoria Lawrence 01:41:56 CCR
Chris, Aaaron and Zac Simpson 01:32:58 GS
Yan Hua, Ian and Elaine Jones 01:24:32 HTW
Patroulla, Sophia, and Maximillian or Alexander Lorke 01:17:32 EC

Making the Lorkes the clear winners – very well done.

Also running but not mentioned yet were, Chad Gibbs, Martin Drake, Matthew Stone, Richard Tanner, Julian Black, Gavin Hamilton, Jeremy Sinclair, Paul Hubbard, Jeffrey Croucher, Wendy Spear, Micky Wheeler, Steve Tarrant, Gail Oubridge, Adebola Dada, Joshua crossley, Bobby Hunt, Alison (DFYB) Symonds-Tayler and Sue Gray.

A massive thank you to scorer Nathan Dibdin, and also childcare from Robert Dibdin, photography by Kevin Hann Lloyd parkrun, and Mimi Dibdin. Results, as ever, by Andy Crossley. Also the churchrunner Technical Director Clive Wickham.

Apologies to anyone I have missed.

As ever, a few more photos to enjoy, keep up the training and we will see you at Roundshaw parkrun July 18th.

201505_Photo9 201505_Photo10

201505_Photo11 201505_Photo12  201505_Photo14 201505_Photo15


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