Roundshaw Mob Match (July 2015)

Thank you all so much for coming, 59 ran for Chiltern, 15 for Good Shepherd, 2 for Sutton Christian Centre, 10 for Holy Trinity Church Wallington, 13 for Emmanuel, 9 for St Patrick’s, 11 for Springfield, 5 for the Salvation Army, 1 each for Old Lodge Lane Baptist & Refresh (Molesey) Church and 23 for Selsdon Baptist – 149 runners in total. The Roundshaw attendance record was previously 201 – set when we did our last mob match there, but was pushed up to a massive 256, amazing numbers, and we seem to be making a habit of it.


We were spread from position 3 to position 256.

We were lucky with the weather again, though it was perhaps a little warm for some. We had the founder of parkrun, Paul Sinton-Hewitt present, who was very positive about our presence. Also as ever we had a grand welcome from the volunteer team (thanks to all) – and for those that could stay for a smashing picnic after.

The handicap system resulted in…

  • Chiltern Church Runners  – 1st place – 2168







  • St Patrick’s Tigers  – 2nd place – 673
  • Selsdon Baptist Church Runners – 3rd place – 628
  • Springfield Church Runners –  4th – 533
  • Good Shepherd –  5th – 528
  • The Salvation Army – 6th – 495
  • Old Lodge Lane Baptist – 7th – 361
  • Sutton Christian Centre – 8th – 327


  • Emmanuel Church – 9th – 307
  • Holy Trinity Wallington – 10th – 131
  • Refresh (Molesey) Church – 11th – 99


If your team did ‘less well’ this time, do not fear, that’s what the handicap system is for, have faith, and persevere.


Within the churches;
First women (first column) and girls home
  1. Deborah Cotton StP
  2. Shun Lai-Chan CCR
  3. Linda Daniel CCR
  1. Sophia Lorke EC
  2. Elaine Jones HTW
  3. Mai Morrell CCR

First women home for their teams otherwise were; Patroulla Lorke EC, Cress Davidson OLLB, Yan Hua HTW, Joy Harris SBC, Rosie Edser SC, Sheal Eade SA, & Moira Pidgeon GS.

First girls otherwise were Eleanor Woodman GS, Sally Edser SC, & Zahari Johnson HTW.


First men (first column) and boys home
  1. Tom Higgs StP
  2. Robert Lines SBC
  3. Joe Lyne SA
  1. Brandan Morrell CCR
  2. Adam Hudson GS
  3. Ross Hamilton SBC

First men home for their teams otherwise were; Peter Fuller CCR, Ian Smith HTW, Mark Blythe RC (MCCR), Alexander Lorke EC, Toks Kadiri GS, Paul Kirkby SC & Richard Langley SCC.

First boys for their churches otherwise were; Maximillian Lorke EC, Joel Edser SC, & Ian Cotton StP.

Age Men Women
J10 Brandan Morrell CCR Sophia Lorke EC
J11-14 Adam Hudson GS Elaine Jones HTW
J15-17 Chris Root SBC Deborah cotton StP
S18-19 Tom Higgs StP —–
S20-24 Peter Fuller CCR Louise Dow SBC
S25-29 —– Cristina Labung CCR
S30-34 David Button CCR Evie Odej CCR
S35-39 Luke Savage CCR Tamsyn Strathearn CCR
V40-44 Robert Lines SBC Patroulla Lorke EC
V45-49 Chris Curtis CCR Shun Lai-Chan CCR
V50-54 Matthew Stone SBC Linda Daniel CCR
V55-59 Shane Dowman StP Alison Symonds-Tayler HTW
V60-64 Stephen Tarrant CCR —–
V65-69 Ken Wright CCR Joy Harris SBC

The two achievement awards that move from runner to runner went to; Ian Smith HTW – for holding down the fort as vice captain whilst Alyson has been a bit busy.

image006 image032

The other went to a mob match debutante, David Foulkes of Springfield Church, marked out by club captain Karen for particular effort on his part.

Other awards went to Shane Dowman StP, Mark Blythe Refresh (Molesey), Rebekah Pidgeon GS, Sally-Ann Jackson SBC, Mike Ikwuemesi SCC, Oliver Honeyman EC, Rob Jordan HTW, Sheila Eade SA, Sarah Hewitt CCR and Cress Davidson OLLB.

Well done to all the award winners – you all did your clubs, and yourselves, proud.


Thanks also to all the club runners who lent their support for example Peter and Mark Fuller of Southampton Uni Tri club, supporting their Mum Pauline who runs for Chiltern. Many Collingwood runners Chris, Evie, Karen and Ercole to name but a few. Some Striders and Sutton Runners, Wilson’s School, Serpentine RC and South London Harriers amongst others – we are a diverse old bunch!


Speaking of achievements, not an exhaustive list but course PBs for; Robert Lines, Chris & David Root, Adam Hudson, Dave Tarrant, Sophia Alexander, Maximillian & Patroulla Lorke, Ron West, Aaron Simpson, Toks Kadiri, Wendy Spear, Colin Jackson, Cress Davidson, Michele Martins-Khalil, Gail Oubridge, Rosemary Egbe, Jo Wheeler, Jenny Reid and James Strathearn.

Also well done on first parkrun’s back from injury for Rosa Constantinou, and Zobida Mohammed. Also tail-runner-on-tour extraordinaire Nikki Tarrant registered the highest numbered ever finishing position at Roundshaw!

First Timers to Roundshaw include; Pauline, Peter & Mark Fuller, Jon Dean, Shane Dowman, David Button, Matt Forsyth, Luke Savage, Simon Flynn, Nigel Murray, Adam & Matthew O’Domhnaill, Mark Blythe, Andrew, Loveday, Dominic Stone, Richard & Oliver Honeyman, Joel Edser, Matthew,  Moira,  & Rebekah Pidgeon, Ryan Harris, Mike Ikwuemesi, Robert Jordan, Louise Dow, James & Megan Darby, Rosie & Sally Edser, Caleb Miller, Eleanor Woodman, Jessica Kirkby, David Foulkes, Sarah & Keziah Miller, Sally-Ann Jackson, Daisy & Satah Hewitt, Janet Wickham & Andrew Friend.


Maria Lawrence was the only churchrunner present with over 250 runs, but Andrew Crossley is very close on 248 – almost in sync with Paul Sinton-Hewitt on 249 Andy!

Laila Morrell clocked her parkrun 10 club run, well done. Jon Dean his 50, very good.  Mel Groom finally made it to her 100, despite persistent injury woes – very well done indeed Mel.


The family award (any 3 runners from the same family at least one junior, and one adult) only calculated after the run had a big field this time, but in reverse order, with the lowest net time being best;

Family Cumulative Time Club
Peter, Jack, and Andrew Friend 166 25 CCR
Jason, Adam & Cheryl Hudson 132 19 GS
Tim, Sue & Matthew Gray 127 13 CCR
Matthew, Rebekah and Moira Pidgeon 114 44 GS
Caleb, Keziah (Sarah) and James Miller 113 18 SC
Karen, Paul, and Jessica Kirkby 106 51 SC
Maria, Alan, and Victoria Lawrence 104 31 CCR
Paul, Lorraine, (Megan) and James Darby 104 22 CCR
Richard, Alexander, (Thomas) and Gail Oubridge 94 49 EC
Ross, Gavin, & Euan Hamilton 86 15 SBC
Yan Hua, Ian and Elaine Jones 85 18 HTW
Deborah, Ian, (Kirsty) and Thomas Cotton 79 44 StP
Shun-Lai Chan, Brandan Morrell (+ either Danny, Laila or Aaron) 76 58 CCR
Sophia, Maximillian, (Patroulla) and Alexander Lorke 74 37 EC

Well done to the Lorkes, great run. Next time – for the sake of variety if nothing else, and to be fair to those without kids, we will run a fastest couple award as the bonus trophy. Future ideas welcomed.

Also running but not mentioned yet were – just too many of you for me to list everyone – but again congratulations to you all, and thanks – including to the one poor soul whose satnav sent her to Roundshaw Park, not Downs.

A massive thank you to scorer Robert Dibdin, and also childcare from David Lunn, photography by Mimi Dibdin & Ric Adams. Results, as ever, by Andy Crossley. Also the churchrunner Technical Director Clive Wickham.


Apologies to anyone I have missed.

As ever, a few more photos to enjoy, keep up the training and we will see you at  a parkrun of your choice on September 19th – myself and a few other Chiltern runners are heading for Southern Ireland to parkun there, make a plan & have some fun – or plan to be with your mates at your home run, whatever you like!

image013 image017 image014

Make up your own captions for Alyson and Jason please…

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People approach parkrun in different ways – but these three all look very cool, shades on…

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