Virtual Mob Match (Sep 2015)

Our second ever virtual mob match, and this year we simplified the format a bit, so there was only one weekend to count runners from – this made for a smaller affair, but less cross-referencing trying to make sure we had picked the fastest time for each available runner. Despite this, we have still managed to be late with the results and report – apologies for that, ‘technical problems’.

In total there were 115 runners, across 33 parkruns (actually more than last time) running for 15 Christian running groups/churches – also we had our first ever international element to one of our mob matches, but I’ll come on to that shortly.

Obviously none of this would be possible without parkrun – so a big thank you to them.

parkruns – where did we run?

Andover, Banstead, Bere Island, Bradford, Bromley, Bushy, Catton, Chelmsford Central, Cheltenham, Crystal Palace, Dewsbury, Dulwich, Eastleigh, Grovelands, Heaton, Hove Promenade, Huddersfield, Kingston, Leamington Spa, Lloyd, Mulbarton, Nonsuch, Peterborough, Pontefract, Porthcawl, Reading, Reigate Priory, Riddlesdown, Roundshaw Downs, St Helen’s, Southwick Country, Tilgate, & York.

Why does Bere Island deserve special attention? Well it’s off the coast of Cork in Southern Ireland – so that’s our first ever international contribution to a churchrunner mob match!

International parkrun tourists at Bere Island (Southern Ireland)

Bit of a trek to get there, but the welcome was very warm. There were only 40 runners, so we all clocked highest ever position finishes & Chiltern Church Runners became the second biggest club on their club list!

Clubs and churches – who ran?

Good Shepherd – Refresh Runners – Selsdon Baptist Church Runners – Chiltern Church Runners – Holy Trinity Church Wallington – Christian Runners UK – Emmanuel Church – St Patrick’s Tigers – Sutton Christian Centre – The Salvation Army – Christian Vision For Men – St Andrew’s Churchdown – Beacon Church Runners – jOG Norwich – New Creation Church Runners.

Some familiar names, and some new, 15 clubs or churches in all, equalling last year.

Who won?

As ever, everyone won! However I will say more, Andy’s magic spreadsheet has been working and came up with the following scores, after handicap;

Club No. of runners Points
Christian Runners UK 12 705
The Salvation Army 12 523
Chiltern Church Runners 32 522
Good Shepherd 13 517
Beacon Church Runners 5 467
New Creation Church Runners 5 407
Refresh Runners 2 357
Holy Trinity Church Wallington 8 351
St Patrick’s Tigers 5 244
St Andrew’s Churchdown 1 234
Christian Vision For Men 1 218
Sutton Christian Centre 2 217
jOG Norwich 1 203
Selsdon Baptist Church Runners 11 68
Emmanuel Runners 5 45

Well done to Christian Runners UK, really great work.

Christian Runners UK running vest

The Vest is yet to come!

Chiltern had the highest scoring men’s & women’s groups. Good Shepherd the highest scoring juniors, as per last year. However the handicap system plays havoc with everything – anyone could win! The playing field is as level as we can make it!

Best average female score goes to New Creation Church Runners, best average male score to St Patrick’s Tigers, also best average junior score.

Fastest Men were – Tom Higgs (St Patrick’s Tigers), Mark Constantinou & Neil Turney both Chiltern Church Runners. Juniors Adam Hudson (Good Shepherd), Joel Pollard (Beacon Church Runners), and Zach Frankish (Christian Runners UK).

Fastest women were Steph Ware (New Creation Church Runners), Deborah Cotton NB 15-17 (St Patrick’s Tigers), and Kathy Lane (Christian Runners UK). Juniors Katie Galloway (Beacon Church Runners), Elaine Jones (Holy Trinity Wallington), & Tiegan Lorrimer-Roberts (New Creation Church Runners).

A little bit of celebrity went into one Selsdon Baptist Church Runner’s virtual run, on tour at Dulwich Micky Wheeler found himself coming in one place ahead of parkrun founder Paul Sinton-Hewitt, who strangely enough was at our Roundshaw mob match in July!

Thanks again to all of you for taking part – I hope you had fun. Don’t forget Nonsuch in November next on the 21st.