Nonsuch Mob Match (Nov 2015)

Thank you all so much for coming, 15 ran for Chiltern, 21 for Good Shepherd, 1 for Sutton Christian Centre, 6 for Holy Trinity Church Wallington, 1 for Emmanuel, 19 for St Patrick’s, 1 for Springfield, 19 for the Salvation Army, 1 for Refresh (Molesey) Church, 4 for Sutton Vineyard, 2 for New Creation Church London, and 7 for Selsdon Baptist  – 93 runners in total, and from 12 different Churches.


And what a day it was, rain, mud, bitter cold and even some snow, just amazing that so many of you came, and I note that without us Nonsuch would likely have been down to their lowest numbers since January 2014!


We were spread from position 2 to position 351.

Also as ever we had a grand welcome from the volunteer team (thanks to all), and a nice little mention in a very professionally delivered run briefing.

The handicap system resulted in…

Club Position Points
St Patrick’s Tigers 1st 1331
Good Shepherd 2nd 1253
The Salvation Army 3rd 964
Refresh (Molesey) Church 4th 707
Selsdon Baptist Church Runners 5th 686
Holy Trinity Wallington 6th 678
Vineyard Sutton 7th 618
Sutton Christian Centre 8th 590
New Creation Church London 9th 580
Emmanuel Church 10th 486
Chiltern Church Runners 11th 68
Springfield Church Runners 12th 50

DSCF9378 IMG_0013 (1)

If your team did ‘less well’ this time, do not fear, that’s what the handicap system is for, have faith, and persevere. The result stayed as per our provisional top 3 on the day, but St Patrick’s lead was just a little bit bigger than at first expected.

Within the churches;

First women (first column) and girls home

  1. Deborah Cotton StP
  2. Steph Ware NCCL
  3. Ashley Smith SA
  1. Jemima Potter GS
  2. Calla Owen VS
  3. Sophia Lunn CCR

First women home for their teams otherwise were; Yan Hua HTW, Rosa Constantinou CCR, Lorna Owen VS, Nicola Louth GS, Cleide Burgess RC, & Joy Harris SBC.

First girl otherwise was, Iris Beal RC.


First men (first column) and boys home

  1. Tom Higgs StP
  2. James Lyne SA
  3. Robert Lines SBC
  1. Adam Hudson GS
  2. Matthew O’Domhnaill GS
  3. Samuel Smith GS

First men home for their teams otherwise were; Graham Oglethorpe GS, Duncan Owen VS, Ian Smith HTW, Ron West EC, Mark Blythe RC, Richard Langley SCC, Mark Constantinou CCR,

First boy for his church otherwise was;  James Springate StP.


Age Men Women
J10 Matthew ODomhnaill GS Sophia Lunn CCR
J11-14 Adam Hudson GS Jemima Potter GS
J15-17 James Lyne SA Deborah Cotton StP
S18-19 Tom Higgs StP —–
S20-24 Harry Frost StP —–
S25-29 —– Laura Hargreaves CCR
S30-34 Wilfred Yung CCR Steph Ware NCCL
S35-39 Ashley Pate CCR Lucy Mansaray StP
V40-44 Robert Lines SBC Ashley Smith SA
V45-49 John Punt SBC Ailish Atkinson StP
V50-54 Mark Constantinou CCR Mandy Bowyer NCCL
V55-59 Rene Berende CCR Alison Symonds-Tayler HTW
V60-64 Stephen Tarrant CCR —–
V65-69 Ken Wright CCR Joy Harris SBC
V70-74 —– Susan Bailey GS

Other awards went to Luke Beale, Sophia Lunn, Neil Staughton, Rob Lines, Tobias Flowers, Steve Norwood, Ron West, Richard Langley, Ti chase, Geoff Nunn, Steph Ware, and James Lyne.

The achievement awards that move from runner to runner went to Sue Bailey of Good Shepherd, and an as yet unnamed Salvation Army runner.

Well done to all the award winners – you all did your clubs, and yourselves, proud.

Speaking of achievements, not an exhaustive list but course PBs for; Graham Oglethorpe, Ian Smith, Ron West, Michael Ogunnaike, Jemima Potter, Dave Tarrant, Tim Gray, Ian Jones, Yan Hua, Ken Wright, & Joy Harris. Hard fought in tough conditions.


Refresh Church let us know – “8 year old Iris Beal from Refresh Church, used to running the wide and flat Bushy parkrun, ran a personal best in the Nonsuch hills and mud! The mob match challenge obviously helped? It was also 58 year old Ian Blythe’s first ever parkrun or fun run of any type! It all started here…”

First Timers to Nonsuch were: Tom Higgs, James Lyne, Robert Lines, Alex Lyne, John Punt, Sam O’Dongo, Ian St John, Steph Ware, Wilfred Yung, James Springate, Harry Frost, Andrew Lyne, Nathan Fox, Mandy Bowyer, Ailish Atkinson, David Rowlanes, Michael Coppin, Geoff Nunn, Cleide Burgess, Sophia and David Lunn, Ti Chase, Iris Beal, Nicola Louth, Sheila Eade, Rachael & Mike Harris, Ian Blythe, Alice Caffull, Sue Elson, Vanessa Fox, Sue Springate & Janet Wickham.

Andrew Crossley was the only churchrunner present with over 250 runs, achieved since our last mob match – well done Andy.

Single lappers included Nikki Potter, Lisa Webster, William Webster, Claire Coppin, Lauren Coppin, Alex Springate, and indeed Karen Patching the sole Springfield Church Runners representative who came despite an injury to join in – good effort.


The family award (any 3 runners from the same family at least one junior, and one adult) only calculated after the run, with the lowest net time being best;

Names Cumulative Time (mm:ss)
Deborah, Kirsty and Ian Cotton 78:17
Duncan, Calla & Lorna Owen 83:12
Matthew, David & Adam O’Domhnaill 84:44
James, Sue & Richard Springate 100:46
Eleanor, Anna Woodman & Susan Bailey 113:35


Spot prize of some gym bags to the Woodman/Bailey’s 3 generations all running, a great effort.

The fastest couple award (no kids running) also got a go this time;

Names Cumulative Time (mm:ss)
Mark & Rosa Constantinou 49:15
Yan Hua & Ian JonesPeter & Sue Elson 55:5260;23
Rachael & Mike Harris 66:41

Also running but not mentioned yet were – too many of you for me to list everyone – but again congratulations to you all, and thanks.

A massive thank you to scorers Micky Wheeler and Emily Hudson, photography by Jason Hudson and Micky Wheeler. Results, as ever, by Andy Crossley. Also the churchrunner Technical Director Clive Wickham.

Apologies to anyone I have missed.

As ever, a few more photos (some courtesy of Nonsuch parkrun – thank you) to enjoy, keep up the training and we will see you at a mob match in 2016 – the dates are;

  • Riddlesdown – 9th January
  • Bushy – 19th March
  • Lloyd – 14th May
  • Roundshaw – 16th July
  • Virtual – 10th September
  • Nonsuch – 19th November