Bushy Refreshed – March 19th

A message from Mark;

As you probably know Bushy is the home of parkruns and now attracts over 1100 every week, yes really! It’s a lovely flat one loop course with a chance for supporters to cheer and take photos of runners at the start, the 4k mark and the finish.

The aim is to create an opportunity for us to spend time with our fellow churchrunners and, more importantly, with our running friends at Bushy.

We, Refresh Runners, entered our first mob match at Nonsuch parkrun in 2013 and had a great time with our mainly non-church team and 3 other churches, think there were about 50 of us. It’s great to see how you folks have helped this outreach grow. I’ve been plugging it on the UK Sports Ministries website and every opportunity I get.

Saturday 19th March, 2016 is the date and the address is Bushy Park, Teddington. The main southern side entrance is on Hampton Court Road, I can only find the postcode for the Palace not the Park which is very close and is KT8 9AU. It’s a 20 minute walk from Hampton Court Train station.

Usual start at 9.00am.

With the large numbers it is important to bring as few cars as possible and arrive in plenty of time. I recommend you aim to be parking your car by 8am.

The pre-race meet point will be in the new coffee hut cordoned off area with seats by the main car park (by the Diana Memorial fountain that you have to drive around). This is near the start and finish line. It will be great to get a big team photo of all of us together before the race this time.

8.20 am pre race briefing for Leaders, briefing and explanation of the Mob Match rules/scoring.

8.40 am Team photo for everyone that has arrived by then.

Look forward to hearing from you and seeing you soon.

God bless

Mark Blythe