Lloyd Inter-Church Mob Match (May 2016)

Thank you all so much for coming, 15 ran for Chiltern, 8 for Good Shepherd, 2 for New Creation Church London, 8 for Holy Trinity Church Wallington, 17 for Emmanuel, 24 for St Patrick’s Tigers, 1 for Christ Church Purley, 2 for Cheam Baptist Church, 9 for Springfield, 3 for Croydon Vineyard, 7 for the Salvation Army and 26 for Selsdon Baptist – 122 runners in total!


We had a super quick pre-run brief –welcoming everyone and reminding them to check in with Tom Higgs our scorer – thanks Tom, appreciated. We were also made welcome by the Lloyd parkrun team in their briefing as well. Big congratulations to Debra Bourne who received her Running award for best book – richly deserved – “parkrun, so much more than just a run in the park”.

Photo credits also to Kevin Hann the parkrun photographer on the day who we were told was a happy sharer of photos, which is appreciated.

Super busy at Lloyd – partly us obviously – and we helped them again (as last year) smash their attendance record.

In all 317 people ran Lloyd parkrun that day, and we were spread from position 1 to position 305! It was fantastic to see so many of our runners there. There was a great feel to the event, and I hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.

Scores, after handicap, for those who like such things, as follows;

Church Club Score
Emmanuel Church 1086 – well done on your first win!
Selsdon Baptist Church 867
St Patrick’s Tigers 737
Chiltern Church Runners 480
Good Shepherd 266
Springfield 199
Salvation Army 187
New Creation Church London 180
Croydon Vineyard 164 – on debut, nice to see you
Holy Trinity Wallington 160
Christ Church Purley 62 – who joined us on the day & very welcome

I think this picture sums it up!


Next Mob match looks to be July 16th at Roundshaw, so get that one into your calendar!

Within the churches;

First women (first column) and girls home

  1. Deborah Cotton St Pat
  2. Steph Ware NCCL
  3. Sophia Lorke EC
  1. Sophia Lorke EC
  2. Madeleine Burt EC
  3. Fiona Hunt SBC

Deborah cruising home!

First women home for their teams otherwise were; Tamsyn Strathearn CCR, Rosie Edser SPR, Caroline Varney CBC, Yvonne Harrison CV, Yan Hua HTW, Marian Alayande CCP, Rowena Stone SBC, Imogen Brown SA, & Cheryl Hudson GS. First girls otherwise were Caitlyn Coppin St Pat, & Ria Miller-Dean SPR.

First men (first column) and boys home

  1. James Lyne SA
  2. Robert Lines SBC
  3. Alex Lyne SA
  1. Adam Hudson GS
  2. James Springate StPat
  3. Ian Cotton St Pat

Adam steams along.

First men home for their teams otherwise were; Mark Constantinou CCR, Patrick Varney CBC, Jacob Burt EC, Adam Cady SPR, Damian Taylor CV, & Ian Smith HTW.  Also for the boys Oliver Hubbard SBC, Maximilian Lorke EC, Joel Edser SPR, Matthew Gray CCR .

Age Men Women
J10 Maximilian Lorke EC Fiona Hunt SBC
J11-14 Adam Hudson GS Sophia Lorke EC
J15-17 James Lyne SA  Deborah Cotton St Pat 
S20-24 Joe Hindmarch HTW Laura Dowman StPat
S25-29 Paul Baillie EC ——
S30-34 Mike Rutt EC Steph Ware NCCL
S35-39 Damian Taylor CV Tamsyn Strathearn CCR
V40-44 Robert Lines SBC Patroulla Lorke EC
V45-49 John Punt SBC Kirsty Cotton St Pat
V50-54 Mark Constantinou CCR Wendy Spear EC
V55-59 Jon Dean SBC Yvonne Harrison CV
V60-64 George English SA ——-
V65-69 Geoff Nunn HTW Joy Harris GS
V70-74 Ken Wright CCR ——-
V75-79 ——- Sylvia Symes St Pat

Not an exhaustive list but course PBs for; James Lyne, Robert Lines, Alex Lyne, Antony Constantinou, John Punt, Mike Rutt, Paul Baillie, Adam Hudson, Damian Taylor, Maximillian & Sophia Lorke, Harvey & Rosie Edser, Michael Ogunnaike,  Tamsyn Strathearn, Alexande Oubridge, Chris Simpson, Emily Higgs, Geoff Nunn, Nick White, Sheila Eade, Matthew Gray (by 21 minutes!!), Alla Lunn, Nora Little, and Cheryl Hudson.


Geoff & Nick.

First Timers to Lloyd include; Jacob Burt, Deborah, Ian, Thomas & Kirsty Cotton, Ian & Abby St John, James & Richard Springate, Steph Ware, Patrick & Carolyn Varney, Michael Coppin, Peter Elson, Matthew & David O’Domhnaill, Laura, Sharna, & Samantha Downham, Richard & Oliver Honeyman, Joe & Robert Hindmarch, Andrew Coppin, Mike Harris, Mandy Bowyer, Jacob & Dave Atkinson, Debbie Duncan, Gabriel Chan, Rajka Kuhar, Sue & Max Elson, Tim Lunn, Caitlyn Coppin, David & William King, Karen Kirkby, Ria Miller-Dean, and Sylvia Symes.


Family prize – with a closely fought top 2!

Family Cumulative Time
Ian, Thomas, Deborah & (Kirsty) Cotton 01:13:17
Maximillian, Sophia, Alexander & (Patroulla) Lorke 01:13:31
Harvey, Joel & Rosie Edser 01:20:28
Adam, Jason & Cheryl Hudson 01:24:57
Thomas, Richard & Alexander Oubridge 01:28:59
Michael, Andrew & Caitlyn Coppin 01:29:41
Andy, Joshua, Anna, & (Matthew) Crossley 01:33:28
Tim, Sue, & Matthew Gray 01:39:13
Ruby, Nora, Oliver (Jennifer) Little 01:56:59

NB at least one adult, at least one junior (14 & under), at least 3 family members.

A few more pictures now, but don’t forget next Mob match July 16th at Roundshaw – see you there.

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