Meet an award-winning churchrunner…

Name: Zac Carpenter
Club: Croydon Vineyard Church Runners
Age: 17
Home parkrun: Riddlesdown parkrun





Occupation: Music Student from the BRIT School
Number of Runs: 14 Runs
Favourite volunteer role: Tail Walker
What do you do at parkruns: I run…?
How has parkrun changed your running: It has inspired me seeing so many people who also have a passion for running. It is has given me the drive to carry on!
What do you like about parkrun: It is a race against yourself.
Most memorable or funniest parkrun moment: Running to the start line before the race with two other parkrunners and one slips and slide tackles the other who goes flying through the air and I turn around and see both of my friends laying on the mud laughing out loud! It was so funny and in a weird way lifted our spirits and made us more enthusiastic about the run to come.