Bushy Inter-Church Mob Match (Mar 2016)

Thank you all so much for coming: 10 ran for Chiltern, 7 for Good Shepherd, 11 for St Patrick’s, 9 for Holy Trinity Church Wallington, 3 for Emmanuel, 6 for Refresh and 11 for Selsdon Baptist – 57 runners in total.

Our last Bushy mob match was the last ever running of that particular course at Bushy – the new course is rather nice, and maybe rather quick!

In all 1060 people ran Bushy parkrun that day, and we were spread from position 8 to position 1054!


A little busy at the start as ever.

Some of us were fortunate enough to see the deer roaming, in fact Sue and Marie had to stop briefly to let them pass!


The  churchrunner Handicap Cup
Club Position Points
Selsdon Baptist Church Runners 1st 487
Refresh Runners 2nd 448
St Patrick’s 3rd 367
Holy Trinity Wallington 4th 340
Emmanuel 5th 173
Good Shepherd 6th 13
Chiltern Church Runners 7th 12

Well done to SBC very good – the handicaps shift again for the next one though folks, so anything can happen!


Jason chases Mark!

Within the churches

First women (first column) and girls home:

  1. Deborah Cotton (St Patrick’s)
  2. Elaine Jones (HTW)
  3. Emily Higgs (St Patrick’s)
  1. Elaine Jones (HTW)
  2. Eleanor Woodman (Good Shepherd)
  3. Hannah West (Emmanuel)

First women home for their teams otherwise were; Lazar Stella (Refresh), Maria Lawrence (CCR), Joy Harris (SBC). First girl for her church otherwise was Marie Gray (CCR).

First men (first column) and boys home:

  1. Tom Higgs (St Patrick’s)
  2. Matthew Stone (Selsdon Baptist)
  3. Marcus Griffiths (Refresh)
  1. Adam Hudson (Good Shepherd)
  2. Ian Cotton (St Patrick’s)
  3. Aaron Simpson (Good Shepherd)

Some of us just before the start.

First men home for their teams otherwise were; Ian Smith (HTW), Ken Wight (CCR) and Ron West (Emmanuel). First boy home otherwise for his church was Matthew Gray (CCR).

Age Men Women
J10 Ian Cotton (StP) Olivia Simpson (GS)
J11-14 Adam Hudson (GS) Elaine Jones (HTW)
J15-17 —- Deborah Cotton (StP)
J18-19 Tom Higgs (StP) —-
S30-34 Marcus Griffiths (Refresh) —-
S35-39 —- Lazar Stella (Refresh)
V40-44 Richard Springate (StP) Lisa Mainwaring (Refresh)
V45-49 John Punt (SBC) Ailish Atkinson (StP)
V50-54 Matthew Stone (SBC) Deborah Burrows (CCR)
V55-59 Mark Blythe (Refresh) Alison Symonds-Tayler (HTW)
V65-69 —- Joy Harris (GS)
V70-74 Ken Wright (CCR) —-
V75-79 —- Sylvia Symes (StP)

The Family Prize (one or two adults, one or two 14 or under juniors) went to the;

Family Cumulative Time
Cotton’s – Deborah, Ian, Thomas, & (Kirsty) 01:11:34
Jones/Hua’s – Ian, Yan, & Elaine 01:19:04
Simpson’s – Aaron, Olivia & Chris 01:45:30
Gray’s – Tim, Matthew, Marie & (Sue) 01:47:16
West’s – Ron, Hannah & Sophie 01:52:05

So well done to the Cotton’s by a good few minutes.

The two achievement awards that move from runner to runner went to;

Michael Ogunnaike & Ken Wright.

Also medals to Olivia Simpson & Matthew Gray.

Speaking of achievements, not an exhaustive list but course PBs for; Matthew & Marie Gray (also earning her 10 t-shirt!), Adam Hudson, Matthew Stone, Marcus Griffiths, John Punt, Martin Drake, Micky Wheeler, David Root, Ian Smith, Gavin Hamilton, Michael Ogunnaike, Aaron Simpson, Elaine & Ian Jones, Yan Hua, Geoff Nunn, Rajka Kuhar, & Eleanor Woodman.

I understand a lot of the St Patrick’s runners got personal bests for their 5k times, though under the parkrun system they of course all showed up as first timers!

I won’t give away a ladies age by mentioning her name, but I note one of our churchrunners was the oldest lady participating.

We got some good coverage from the Bushy Run Report here’s a little excerpt:


We also got a lovely little plug on Premier courtesy of Mark Blythe – we’ll see if we can get that audio onto the site.

First Timers to Bushy included Tom & Emily Higgs, Ian St John, Kirsty, Deborah, Ian & Thomas Cotton, Mike Harris, Ailish Atkinson, Richard Springate, Deborah Burrows (first ever parkrun), Norman Robinson, Jo Wheeler, Olivia (first ever parkrun), & Chris Simpson, Hannah & Sophie West, Sylvia Symes, Alison Symonds-Tayler, and Jean Quested.

Also running but not mentioned yet were Andrew Crossley, Colin Jackson, Cleide Burgess, Ken ‘Blessed are the Pacemakers’ Wright, Lisa Mainwaring, Allan Kuhar (completing his 249th parkrun), Louise Sherlock, & Rupert Quested.

A massive thank you to our scorer – Mrs Blythe.

Apologies to anyone I have missed.

Keep the training and we will see you at Lloyd parkrun on May 14th!