Roundshaw Inter-Church Mob Match (Jul 2016)

Thank you all so much for coming, 45 ran for Chiltern, 16 for Good Shepherd, 2 for New Creation Church London, 17 for Holy Trinity Church Wallington, 14 for Emmanuel, 9 for St Patrick’s Tigers, 8 for Christ Church Purley, 3 for Croydon Vineyard, 5 for the Salvation Army and 9 for Selsdon Baptist, 4 for Springfield – 132 runners in total!


It was the parkrun event’s 7th Anniversary, and prize giving. Special congratulations to Ian Cotton of St Patrick’s on his junior points win, also James Springate, again St Pat’s, 3rd place junior boys. Then also to Neil Dawson (Chiltern Church Runners) and Ric & Abigail Adams (Sutton Christian Centre) who picked up volunteering prizes. Also 3rd place in the juniors for Elaine Jones (Holy Trinity Wallington), not to mention Chris and Amanda Curtis – associate runners for Chiltern who took 2nd place male & 1st place female in the adult points competition.


Photo credits to Mimi Dibdin our photographer on the day, also thanks to her Dad Robert Dibdin who kept score, assisted by Tom Higgs, first man home in a blistering 16.52! In all 237 people ran Roundshaw parkrun that day, and we were spread from position 1 to position 237! It was awesome to see so many of our runners there.



Scores, after handicap, for those who like such things, as follows;

Church Club Score
Chiltern Church 1845
Holy Trinity Wallington 551
Christ Church Purley 541
Good Shepherd 529
Emmanuel Church 405
Croydon Vineyard 210
Salvation Army 173
Selsdon Baptist 154
St Patrick’s 137
New Creation Church London 136
Springfield Church 71

Next mob match looks to be September 10th at Riddlesdown, so get that one into your calendar! If you can’t make Riddlesdown – do not despair this will also be scored separately as a National (virtual) event as well – where you can run any parkrun and still be counted!


Within the churches;

First women (first column) and girls home

  1. Steph Ware NCCL
  2. Sophia Lorke EC
  3. Patroulla Lorke EC
  1. Sophia Lorke EC
  2. Charlotte Constantinou CCR
  3. Eleanor Woodman GS


First women home for their teams otherwise were; Shun Lai-Chan CCR, Ailish Atkinson St Pat’s, Rowena Francis CCP, Theodore Egube HTW, Rowena Stone SBC, & Cheryl Hudson GS. First girl otherwise was Elaine Jones HTW.

First men (first column) and boys home

  1. Tom Higgs St Pat’s
  2. Robert Lines SBC
  3. Antony Constantinou CCR
  1. Ian Cotton St Pat’s
  2. Adam Hudson GS
  3. Maximillian Lorke EC


First men home for their teams otherwise were; Damian Taylor CV, Joe Lyne SA, Jason Hudson GS, Daniel Brackenbury EC, Paul Kirkby SPR, Simon Stocks CCP & Toby Shearlock HTW.

Also for the boys Piers Moore CCR, Olamide Ogunnaike HTW & Nathaniel Sanderson CCP.

Age Men Women
J10 Maximilian Lorke EC Olivia Simpson GS
J11-14 Ian Cotton St Pat’s Sophia Lorke EC
J15-17 Adem Eren SA ——
S18-19 Joe Lyne SA ——
S20-24 Tom Higgs St Pat’s Rowena Francis CCP
S25-29 Thomas Schofield SPR ——
S30-34 Alex Jeffreys CCR Steph Ware NCCL
S35-39 Damian Taylor CV Tamsyn Strathearn CCR
V40-44 Robert Lines SBC Patroulla Lorke EC
V45-49 John Punt SBC Shun-Lai Chan CCR
V50-54 Antony Constantinou CCR Clare Jeffries EC
V55-59 Dave Tarrant CCR Celia Caulcott EC
V60-64 Neill Cooper EC ——-
V65-69 Geoff Nunn HTW Joy Harris GS
V70-74 Rex Toop CCR ——-


Not an exhaustive list but course PB’s for; Tom Higgs, Robert Lines, Matthew Stone, Ian Cotton, Ian Smith, Maximilian Lorke, Michael Cadman, Alexander Lorke, Dave Tarrant, Matthew O’Domhnaill, Piers Moore, Sophia Lorke, Patroulla Lorke, Rob Kurz, Neill Cooper, Daniel Johnstone, Ron West, Ailish Atkinson, Jo Riches, David O’Domhnaill, David Rowlanes, Tom Sanderson, Stephen Coe, Rowena Stone, Rachelle Sanderson, Eleanor Woodman, Don Brims, Issy Groom, Jo Wheeler, Joy Harris, Mark Phillipo, Cheryl Hudson, & David Foulkes.


Great effort folks.

First timers to Roundshaw include; Damian Taylor, Tom Thompson, Adem Eren, Simon Stocks, Daniel Brackenbury, Deborah Burrows, Alex Jeffreys, Rowena Francis, Rex Toop, Robert Hindmarch, Clare Jeffries, Celia Caulcott, Cindy Woo, Emma Penn, Jacob Atkinson, Stan Van Rensburg, Theodore Egube, Michael Procter, Daniel Egube, Georgie Brackenbury, Mark West, Julia Wallace, Valerie Egube, Samuel Baker, Olivia Simpson, Karen West, Gillian Brackenbury, Sophie Woodman, Anna Woodman, Sarah Simpson, Olayinka Egube, & Bola Ogunnaike.

Quite a few brand new parkrunners in there as well, so well done all.

Family Competition (at least one 14 and under, at least one adult, at least 3 runners) – combined times.

Family Cumulative Time
Maximillian, (Patroulla), Sophia & Alexander Lorke 01:09:32
Ian, Kirsty & Thomas Cotton 01:19:49
Mark, Rosa, and Charlotte Constantinou 01:20:35
Jason, Adam & Cheryl Hudson 01:23:29
Patrick, Daniel & Sophia Johnstone 01:26:14
Bola, Olamide & Michael Ogunnaike 01:40:57
Tim, Matthew, & Sue Gray 01:43:48
Aaron, Chris, Olivia, (Zac), & (Sarah) Simpson 01:46:18
Theodore, Daniel, Olayinka & (Valerie) Egube 01:51:06
Ron, Karen, & Mark West 01:51:07

Lovely to see so many families taking part.


And to finish of a selection of photos – apologies to Churches under-represented, but I have 2 words for you ‘club kit’ – then I can spot you!