Nonsuch Inter-Church Mob Match (Nov 2017)

Brilliant to see you all, 27 ran for Chiltern, 16 for Good Shepherd, 15 for Croydon Vineyard, 14 for Sutton Vineyard, 1 for Carshalton Beeches Baptist (first time with us – welcome), 4 for Holy Trinity Church Wallington, 1 for Emmanuel, 10 for St Patrick’s, 1 for Springfield, 4 for the Salvation Army, 6 for Selsdon Baptist  & 3 for Cheam Baptist – 102 runners in total, and from 12 different Churches.


We were spread from position 2 to position 648.

Also as ever we had a great welcome from the volunteer team (thanks to all), a specific briefing just for us, and a mention in the main run briefing – also they were kind enough to pop our picture on facebook afterwards.


The handicap system resulted in

Croydon Vineyard– 1st place –1460 – Well done on your first ever win!

Vineyard Sutton – 2nd place – 1110 – again well done your best ever placing

Chiltern Church runners– 3rd place – 1066 (Time to go to Battle!)

Good Shepherd –  4th – 901

St Patrick’s Tigers  –  5th – 833

Cheam Baptist Church Runners – 6th – 672

Carshalton Beeches Baptist – 7th – 538

Holy Trinity Wallington – 8th – 526

The Salvation Army – 9th – 510

Selsdon Baptist church Runners – 10th – 485

Springfield Church Springers – 11th – 473

Emmanuel Church – 12th – 46 (Winning Riddlesdown pushed that handicap!)


We also got Annual results, so for the year 2017 the top 5 were;

1 Chiltern Church Runners

2 Good Shepherd

3 Croydon Vineyard

4 St Patrick’s Tigers

5 Selsdon Baptist Church Runners

I think next year we will perhaps change this trophy to the team with the best score – who did NOT win a mob match. We like to mix it up a bit.


The ‘Achievement award’ that moves around went to Zac Carpenter of Croydon Vineyard as their most improved runner who has picked up 6 minutes on his times this year.

Rupert Quested of Holy Trinity Wallington missed the mob match – on a trip to Turkey and the Holy land –he still did his bit;


We really appreciate that (but before anyone asks we did not score him!).

Within the churches;

First women (first column) and girls home

1 Catherine Demetriou CV2 Laura Dowman StP

3 Ramona Dixon VS

Darcey Goodger VSEleanor Woodman GS

Sophie Woodman GS



First women home for their teams otherwise were; Chloe Constantinou CCR, Carolyn Varney CBC, Eloise Martin GS, Jo Wheeler SBC, Claire Hedson CBB, Lucy Duckworth SA, Alison Symonds-Tayler HTW & Sue Swaysland EC.

First girls otherwise were, Lauryn Coppin StP & Marie Gray CCR.


First men (first column) and boys home

1 Kevin Lewis GS2 Robert Lines SBC

3 Antony Constantinou CCR

Kieran Lewis GSJonathan Humphreys CCR

Josh Cameron CCR


A great double for the Lewis family!

First men home for their teams otherwise were; Shane Dowman StP, Tom Thompson CV, Duncan Owen VS, Ian Smith HTW, David Hore CBC, Billy Corr SA, & Andrew Green SPR.


First boy for his church otherwise was;  Daniel Johansen VS

Age Men Women
J10J11-14 Matthew Gray CCRKieran Lewis GS Sophie Woodman GSDarcey Goodger VS
J15-17 Zac Carpenter CV —–
S18-19 —– Chloe Constantinou CCR
S20-24 Tom Algar CCR Laura Dowman StP
S25-29 —– —–
S30-34 Mohammed Maguid CV Fran Niven VS
S35-39 Tom Thompson CV Catherine Demetriou CV
V40-44 Kevin Lewis GS Sue Jones StP
V45-49 Robert Lines SBC Kerena Ivens CCR
V50-54 Antony Constantinou CCR Carolyn Varney CBC
V55-59 Shane Dowman StP Yvonne Harrison CV
V60-64 —– —–
V65-69 Don Brims CCR —–
V70-74 Geoff Nunn HTW Susan Bailey GS


Other achievements, not an exhaustive list but course Pb’s for; Kevin Lewis, Robert Lines, Antony Constantinou, Shane Dowman, Tom Thompson, Damian Taylor, Ian StJohn, Gavin Hamilton, Ian Smith, David Hore, Laura Dowman, Michael Procter, Michael Potter, Tom Algar, Kieran Lewis, Chloe Constantinou, Geoff Nunn, Mark Baldwin, Emma Baldwin, Eloise Martin, Matthew Gray, Jo Wheeler, Kathrine Hand, & Lidia Johansen.

Well done


First Timer’s to Nonsuch were; Zac Carpenter, Catherine Demetriou, Neil Curtis, Salamao De Almeida, Billy Corr, Gary Harrison, Darren Millings, Christian Vietz,  Andrew Green, Colin Jackson, Jake Lewin, Darcey Goodger, Yvonne Harrison, Naomi Honey, Megan Thomas, Jonathan Humphreys, Heather Daniels, Mark Cameron, David Murray, Sue Swaysland, Rachel Berende & Mark Tomlinson.

Nice to see you at Nonsuch

Congrats to Sophie Woodman on achieving her junior 10 milestone, also 200 up for Mark Constantinou & 300 for Ken Wright.

Also running but not mentioned yet were –to many of you for me to list everyone – but again congratulations to you all, and thanks.

A massive thank you to scorers  Nikki Humphreys and Anthony French, we had no photographer in advance but have been very fortunate to benefit from smartphone photography by Anthony French & also use of some of the parkun photos. Results, as ever, by Andy Crossley – remotely this time. Also the churchrunner Technical Director Clive Wickham.

Apologies to anyone I have missed.

We have some more photos to enjoy, keep up the training and we will see you at  a mob match in 2018 – the next date is;

National (virtual event) January 20th – a few people may be going to South Norwood – but you can parkrun anywhere & count for this one.