Meet churchrunner Cleide


Name: Cleide Burgess

Club: Refresh Runners

Home parkrun: Bushy Park

Occupation: Psychologist – Counselor – Life Coach

Number of Runs: 35 parkruns



Favourite volunteer role: I haven’t volunteered yet. Next week will be my first one.
What do you do at parkruns: Run
How has parkrun changed your running:

I would never in my life get out of bed for any outdoor activity unless the weather would be warm and sunny. But since I’ve started running at parkrun, I get so motivated by all the people, the energy, I even went for all the churches together under snow!!!

What do you like about parkrun:

I love being so close to nature. All the people, no competitiveness, all ages, shapes, abilities, everyone gets celebrated no matter what. It has a wonderful atmosphere.

Most memorable or funniest parkrun moment:

The morning I got out of bed, when it was snowing. It changed the way I do things. Thanks Mark B, for picking me up that morning and motivating me to go for it. I haven’t deliberately missed any run since then.