Tarrant on Tour – Parts 1-6

So one of the Chiltern Church Runners is going on Tour, big time, and you can follow his adventures here – so here is part 1;

Photo of me running at Bishan parkrun, Singapore. Lesley and I took a taxi to make sure we got there. Nice core team and Volunteers. Slow time as has had to stop as so hot. It was a bit hazy due to Indonesia burning to make way for palm trees. Haze due to the wind direction it also closed the two in KL, so some tourist who had gone there came down and ran East Coast, as the haze was less down here.


We also went to a Singapore Wetherspoons – ‘Soons’ (for those who don’t know Wetherspoons are big in the parkun tourist community).


And on to week 2;

Saturday morning we drove off to Yokine Reserve, for this weeks parkrun. We had been here in the week to make sure we knew where to go. We parked up in the car park 07.30hrs and started looking out for any sign of hi-vis heroes, but had not seen any by 07.45, low level concern started. I went off to what we thought would be the post coffee, to check we were in the right place. No ! wrong car park / wrong side of the park. So off we went , back onto the road along to the next car park and as we pulled up we saw the familiar hi-vis heroes busily preparing for Yokine parkrun, phew, we knew we were in the right place.  We spoke with Paul the RD, he and the others were very helpful. Briefing done and away we went, out and back one side of the park and the out and back in the opposite direction, finally finishing in a far better time than last week, as it was a far more familiar temperature.

It appears we got the map upside down, but then we are down under. Watching the remainder coming in and speaking to Paul and other volunteers. It ended up that no one goes for a post run chat, so Lesley and I went off to The Botanical Gardens, in Perth and had our breakfast and a nice day wondering around the park. Photo of me with Yokine parkrun feather.

Week 3

This weeks parkrun was on one of ‘the islands to sea’, Kangaroo Island. On Friday we picked up a camper van in Adelaide and then drove down to Cape Jervis to get the ferry across to Kangaroo Island. On arrival we went straight to Kingscote to work out where the parkrun was. We found where it is, but we could not fit the camper into any of the car bays, for parking. We drove around and found a couple of possibilities, one by the hospital and another near where they parked the school buses. We then went off and found a campsite for the night.

Saturday morning up and out early and drove back to Kingscote, where we are now coming from a different direction.  We saw a one way sign and took it. This took us right down to where the parkrun started. We met Tess the RD for the day and asked if we could park here, she said yes. No more parking issues. We asked Tess about the blank volunteer rota, she said they generally don’t bother, as her kids would fill them if no one else. Briefing done and off we went. This course had rises and falls in it, so more difficult than last week at Yokine. It is an out and back with a slight detour at 2.25 kms. The falls that I did not notice on the way out, became quite steep on the way back. Finished in 17th place ( there were only 24 in total, don’t tell anyone though). Speaking with the group, it appears they are still on winter time, people go home, so once again no post run tea and chat. So Lesley and I had breakfast in the van and then drove to the other side of the island and visited Hanson bay wild life sanctuary and we saw koalas and wallabies close to. We also saw an echidna on the side of the road.

Another photo with Kangaroo Islands folks.

There are currently nine islands (& sea), Bere Island, Nobles Isle of Man, Medina I.o.W, Jersey CI, Guernsey  CI, Kirkwall, Bressay, Hamilton Island Australia and Kangaroo Island Australia. Now there is a tenth starting later this month ‘Cape Pembroke Lighthouse’ in the Falkland Island. There are others on Islands, but these are Islands with only one parkrun on them and surrounded by sea. Singapore has currently three parkruns and more to come, so is not included.

Week 4

This week we arrived in Holbart, Tasmania. We picked up our second camper, we drove off to Queens Domain, to check out where to go for Saturday. Once again the camper is some what too big for car bays, but there is some place we could park. So off we went to find some where to camp. Up early again to set off for this week’s parkrun. On arrival we saw Michelle (the RD for the day) and other hi vis heroes busy setting up. We introduced ourselves to them, Michelle told us that the local sponsors had supplied them with loads of running vests for the day to mark parkruns 15th anniversary and I could have one. So I put my new vest on for today’s run. Briefing complete (in rhyme) off we went. I thought it would be up hill, only to find I was going down, the course is around a hill. Reaching the other end back a bit then out again to almost the start, but we turned around and set off back to the start. As per last week the down parts became upwards. Having chatted with some other runners the finish came into sight. Finished in a better time than last week, more than happy. Scanned in, I went back to watch the remainder of the runners in. Once again no post chat at a cafe, there is nothing around the park to go to. So Lesley and I had our breakfast in the van and then set off to go to Port Arthur and the next stage of our adventures. 

Michelle and myself, trying to get a bit of the parkrun feather in.

Week 5.


This week we are in Victoria and on Friday we visited Ballarat, where we went to the Gold Museum and Sovereign Hill an open air museum based around and on an original gold mining area. We then checked for where the nearest parkruns were, although there was one in Ballarat itself, I chose to go for You Yangs, the third nearest. So off we set to find it. It is set in the You Yangs Regional Park. When we found it the route started on tarmac, but soon changed to a dirt track with lumps and bumps in it. We got to where to park up, but then there was another 300 metres to walk to where the parkrun starts and finishes. So now happy that we had found it, we set off to find camping for overnight. This we eventually found after some difficulty and settled down for the night. 


Up early to set off for You Yangs, a 25 minute drive down the road, then bouncing down the track to the car park. There were quite a few vehicles, but not all just for parkrun, the others were there for mountain biking. Off to parkrun saw a guy looking lost, this was Chris visiting from NSW. I said it was about 300m further on. We got there and I then spoke to Robyn (the RD) and other Volunteers. As I stepped away another guy introduced himself ‘Steve’. He and Robyn were the joint ED’s. Robyn did the briefing and explained there were new marker posts to follow so off we all went. I chatted to some others whilst going around, a one lap route and the finish was soon crossed. Cheering the remainder in, got a selfie frame picture taken and once again, although they do have a designated cafe, no one goes to it as they all come from different directions and Lara, where the cafe is a few kilometres away. So Lesley and I set off to meet my cousin (I had never met before) the other side of Melbourne.

Week 6.

This week we fell behind in our travels. We arrived in Eden on Thursday too late to go whale watching, so booked up for Friday. On Friday we got to the boat about 07.40, for 08.00. We did see whales and dolphins. Once finished we set off for Queanbeyan, near Canberra. This week we had booked a camping site. Got there and then went to check out parking for the van and collected some shopping. 
In the morning we got up and as only 5 minutes down the road, it was comparatively a late start for us. I walked to the start and met / introduced myself to Erin (the RD for the day), Lesley followed shortly after. Erin did the briefing and in it she said there were 2 Hills to get up and down each lap (2 X out and back). I had read this and thought that they would not be too bad as the route is by the river, I was wrong though. So off we went, I talked with some of the other runners and was also welcomed by others as Erin had mentioned me in the briefing, as having run about 320 different parkrun events. It was not a fast time, not unexpected due to the hills. This week there was a cafe to go to, so a nice egg and bacon roll, plus a coffee was enjoyed. We then left and went to Canberra and drove around the parliament buildings plus visited the Australian war memorial and museum.
A photo of Erin and myself, with their selfie frame.